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Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”
author of “The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles”

My Internal I Personally Derive from Deep Unsurity and Insecurity and believe that i have developed and nurtured my own perspectives and principles into harsh convictions in order to compensate and become of balance within MYSELF.  I am a avid seeker of SPIRITUAL truth and believe myself to be on some narrow path of it. I believe myself to a purposeful sort and I work internally within my thoughts daily to cultivate this belief. I think that My God’s blessings of me come through my efforts and not through any entitlement. I Believe my Knowledge of God to be Only true provision made for me in my lifetime.

my perspective

At the depths of my heart I think Everything is perspective! and as well I believe Perspective is Everything. Everything stems and construes from each’s own perspective. that being said My perspective is a SELFISH one. I believe that life should be a progressive pursuit of ones ultimate self through growth of perspective as it is applicable to you!!

so as one would read my blog I ask them to consider each is from MY perspective and is simply my own attempts to clarify within MYSELF my own steps toward My own Personal growth through My Own Personal Experience. I pray you read something RELATIVE to YOURSELF

-The Gritz

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  1. tina burroughs

    Few men of your age and situation have the courage to blog about their aspirations for spiritual growth. More power to you, and my deep respect.

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