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Mark Anthony howard "The Gritz"

Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”
author of “The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles”

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Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” is an author of the recently published book “The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles,” barber, coach, deejay, and entrepreneurial owner of The Batcav3 Barber Studio from the Inland Empire California. He also holds a directors position at Greyland Youth Organization in San Bernardino, C.A. and is the spokesman for all of the group’s literacy, baseball and homeless outreach programs.

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  1. tina burroughs

    Few men of your age and situation have the courage to blog about their aspirations for spiritual growth. More power to you, and my deep respect.

  2. I stumbled across your FB page while doing some research on Fontana (my home town). I have found you to be an amazing author, you have great skill!

  3. Mark Howard Jr

    Just checking in again. Haven’t heard from you, at this point I don’t expect any response in the interim I’ll continue to display my true feelings. There are innumerable things I can’t comprehend. Never thought you’d be one of those. It has taken a village to raise this idiot.yet I feel no familiarity or attachment to community. I no longer crave those things. Just faith. I miss it. And old you. Peace King.

  4. Mark Howard Jr

    I was thinking about Damien the other day. His death preceded many. Remember when his brother put him on blast in front of the whole crew? Made him take off the shoes just so he could throw them away! That was the first time I saw Damien unhappy. After that it was constant. Damien looked up to him, shit, We all did. I miss that dude. Anyway. Keep your head. I love you.

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