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Since this is my first blog Allow me to Introduce Myself

                 My name is Mark Anthony Howard. my business and nickname is”Grits” Im a 26 year old black american entreprenuer by way of Riverside C.A.  Im in my second semester as Student/ Athlete  at RIverside Community College studying Business Adminstration with a concentration in management. I have Two year old Son (Na’Sham Anthony Howard) whom I had with my bestfriend C.C.  I have been self employed as a CA licensed barber for 5 years and as a Deejay since i was 16. Im heavily focused on establishing myself as a young empire through the cultivation of my business Aspirations. I am currently speaking to investors in the funding stage of my batting cage, “The Hitters Count.”   and I have business planned to open within  a year to 2 years in February.  

       As of This February I am in FULL Motion of Self Constructing my own record label TYRANT LABEL RECORDINGS, a True Independent,Riverside CA sole proprietorship. I have been producing and mixing tracks since 2003 and have developed a catalogue of 1500 quality west coast Hip hop tracks(enough to support 2 Labels!) I have educated myself EXECUTIVELY in the field of Music and its Business and feel confident in my ability TO PRODUCE a substantial monetary gain within this field.   

     Last February I signed myself as my first artist on my TYRANT LABEL as THE GRITZ and began works on my first album entitled “SELF EMPLOYED”.a 14 track west coast Hip Hop solo ablum. Since Business is and was and always has been my motivant my entire album is a direct convey of that core of influence. The cd pertains to business, money, god, life perspective, and harsh resolve for harsh reality.

Ive  always been a quiet and private type of person. I, especially, was uncomfortable confiding in people my realities. I felt it to be too dark and too crazy and I did not want to convey that of myself and at times… I didnt know how.   All through and since my childhood Ive always felt I was very heavily weighed by circumstance .and Ive never at anytime been enabled to be my complete self…. I believe this cd to be my perspective resolve, as well as my emancipation, from those circumstance. This Album is my first relay of my absolute convictions and My absoulute truths as a person. An honest attempt to give my friends all me… From my imbalances to my devotion towards balance… from my blashemes of god to my praise of god.. From my Hustle to my Business!!  Ive always prided myself on being HOnESt TO GOD! but I never felt as if I really conveyed that people as met them. Especially being such a Introverted and quiet dude. I felt that people that new some of me grew a distrust for me because I was such a quiet element with such an obvious,cold side that i was repressing. I just never felt comfortable in any relationship, that my truth would relay as relative! So it just gave me more justification on beening such a cold MF. but through God grace I made it back from all my financial inequalities, from all my social inequalities, and all my disfucntion to Tell you the truth of who I am, Who I was , and who the fuck iM going to be!!      I am Mark Anthony Howard and   I am THe Gritz! a real person, through real adversity, with very realistic resolve!

                                                           Thank you for reading …..sincerely                                                                                                Mark Anthony Howard…. (The GRitz!)                 

February 25th- Self Employed- The Gritz

www.tyrantLabelRecordings.com Www.TheGritz.Blogspot.com WWw.TheGritz.Wordpress.com  

email: a_tyrantswill@yahoo.com


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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  1. i can digg it stay up young boy


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