My understanding of “A Man (2007)

(I wrote this in 2007 still highly relative)

A MAN if anyTHing

on a loose frame of thought, IMA TRY and blog my lil perception of Being a Man and what I think its SUppose to Mean!

wanna hear it Here it Go…

First if there is no PRINCIPle involved there is no man. a Man is to be whomever the fuck he choose only as long as he is HONeST To Himself and in the principles at his core.

But as far as the Meaning, i think It’s “A CONSISTANT OWNERSHIP of His whole Self” that is best epitomized in the EXCEPTANCe and a BALANCE of not only his Strengh but also his FAULT. A Full Accountability For his wholeSelf . ( Muthafuckas theseDayz wont even take accountablity for they ageLol) like “This is WHo The Fuck I Am!” For the GoOd and the Bad. (Not some eZ shit to Do) But BEING A MAN IS HARD. and it takes work. Thats why only a Short few of muthafuckaS choose to be Such! <<<<>>>Because Being A Man “Iz” (iz as in action)Takin a Stand! Not only Once But CONSISTANTLY for HimSelf, His Principlez, His Beliefs, and Anything falling Under HIS HEADSHIP as well as the Accountability for each, NOT ONCE but CONSISTANTLY . and this where alot Dudes Fallout and have problems with they women.(never Me) cause i could get any Women as My Witness in sayin In-consistancy is MOST In-tolerable and frustrating of all the bullShit they havin to deal wit from niggaz. Like “if you u say u this, than just Be that shit.”(muthafuckas wanna change they mind when its convenient) but real shit “a Man is only a Man Of His Consistancies.” And At the first instant its compromised He’s compromised himself and a percentage that MANHOODwe supposed to be strivin for. yaDigg

sO just be a Man about it my Nigga whatever type of man you are or choose Take A CONSISTANT OWNErship of your Whole-self and your PRinciplez

If U could Digg it?

YOung “Grits!” OneHunit.

gShit(Get u Some muthaFUckin Principlez PlayBoy)


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Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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