a Young Niggaz Perspective by Mark Anthony Howard (dont be scared; read it)

this is a blog entry I wrote for the new Smiley and West network i am a participant on http://smileyandwest.ning.com/profile/markanthonyHoward hope you are provoked of thought as you read and not offended or intimidated

Hello My name is Mark Anthony Howard also known in business as “Grits”  I am a 26 year old Barber, full time student and business entrepreneur in the city of Riverside California. I believe myself to be an up and coming young Voice of Black Men in a much broader sense than ever before! I Truly believe my perspective to be the filler in the Gap between Black Men…. and the grouping i plan to coin as “Young Niggaz!” I have much work and education of self to achieve before i can thoroughly contribute my theory as a resolve to the BLAck Community but I believe its is Devine inspired, and In my heavenly father’s name….. it shall become.

So as I introduce myself into the community of Black men on such a social network. I would like to Introduce you to the direction efforts of my perspective and my Resolve. I would Like to be or build the bridge for young boyz and my “young niggaz” to GROW into young Mature Black Men and Therefore enriching the Black community through the empowerment of its most valuable resource… THE YOUNG BLACK MAN and his PERSPECTIVE!

I personally believe myself to be Harsh and Stern perspective of Black but aspire to be a complete balance of both Love and Discipline. I believe the Key Objective of my life time is to contribute to the evolution the current black male and cultivate through stern principles the Next generation of the black Male and his (“his” as in ownership) community.

I believe that Black Men are guilty of CLASSISM toward Young Niggaz and Negligent in their acknowledgment of us as an included entity of the black community and deliberately separate themselves from any association and the accountability That I feel we should have with them and to them. For these ARE… OUR (“our” as in ownership) People. I feel the black Men should Have as a responsibility to cultivation and aid of the growth of the Next generation.

I feel the black community is deteriating and it is THe ABSOLUTE responsibility of the black man to fix it. and Re-manage it in all of its necessity! (health, wealth, growth, education  and sustainability)…….and you cannot do this by secluding the Youth into classes of good and evil. we are all one Black. as we die you die.  Ones kingship cannot sustain by killing his heir. Lets embrace these troubled youth and give them our direction and encourage the cultivation of there own. I just dont believe the travel for the next young man of my similar  background and situation should have such a Secluded and blind travel without guidance and reference from those own “Black” when we have the resource to help him.

These are the some of my foundational beliefs that I plan to construct upon as I personally grow and mature as a Black Man. I thank you for reading and please do not hesitate to give me your thoughts and your direction.  acknowledgement is the first key of the molding


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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  1. Wow very insightful Mark…I wish more people can be like you to assist in preparing the next generation for greatness. “Without struggle there is no progress”

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