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my big brother – Mike Vick getz paid~ (as He should)

The National Football Post’s Andrew Brandt is reporting that Vick and the Eagles have agreed to a six-year, $100 million contract, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter writes that the deal includes about $40 million of guaranteed money.

His deal, if you look at it from an average salary per year aspect, is less than Manning (five years, $90 million, $54.5 million guaranteed), but it’s comparable to Brady (five years, $78.5 million, $48.5 million guaranteed).* At the very least, it’s in that same stratosphere.

Those are just numbers. They’re huge numbers. But they are just numbers nonetheless. What the contract extension represents is the near complete trip for Vick from outstanding physical talent to a player who didn’t work hard to improve that talent to dog killer to cautionary tale and now a redemption story.


Caught On Tape: Cop Shot In Neck During Violent Stand Off With Killer

A San Diego police officer is lucky to be alive after being shot in the neck during a stand-off with a murderer.

32-year old Kevin Collier went on a deadly rampage Sunday (August 21), killing his mother-in law Beverli Rakov and 14 month old daughter Rhilee, before getting into a firefight with police.
28-year-old Jarred Slocum was one of the cops responding to the scene that day when he shot in the neck.

Video footage shows Slocum clutching his neck after being hit. He was eventually dragged to safety by his partner. He’s currently listed in stable condition.

Collier then set fire to the home he was holed up in. His charred remains were found later.

Meanwhile the killer’s estranged wife Alyssa Rakov, said she’s now left with nothing.

My mom was my best friend and my daughter was my world,” Rakov told NBC San Diego. “I grew up in the house that is no longer a house, so not only are my daughter’s pictures gone, but my whole family’s pictures are gone. I don’t have any proof they existed because he took that from me too.”

NBA star Al Harrington knocks out a reporter

i think Im add a New category I feel like I been trying to avoid it but I have to have a Sports Category. It too much of my attention not to. So I guess I might start with these Nba Mfz. smh. They buggin out with this lockout. Most of em really dont have no sense in the first place but basketball always excuse them but these lil Lockout antics is gettin outta hand. yo boy gonna start documentment em to. smh. so I gues first and just real quik my nigga Al Harrinton wants to be an MMA fighter. smh. whatever homie do yo stuff. here go the Video lol.


NBA star Al Harrington really knocks out a reporter during an MMA sparring session in Huntington Beach, California.
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references; I get alot of my lil newz from my homeboy Necterr and Angel Kou on check us out over there too.

Scared; The New feeling~

the Word of the night real quik might be scared. Lol. letz not give a whole day of focus but Just real quik. check my scared out.

Definition of SCARED

: thrown into or being in a state of fear, fright, or panic

I really like to pride myself on being so fearless because I am. Ill do what I want when I want how I want with no regard to any reprucussion of turbulence. But I was on my new Suzuki the other night and went down this lonely ass street in Riverside Agua Mansa between Riverside and Rancho. and I sooooo mf shoook. and I really got back in touch with all the things that Im fearful of.

so First on the list is Agua Mansa that shit was sooooo scarrry because I didnt no what to be prepared for. I was really expecting and anticipating annnnnyyytthingg to jump the fuck out at me or on me. I really thought about Wolves and hitting a Deer or some wild mfz just waiting for some dumb mf to come down that street to fuck with smh. I really aint have no reason to go that way just on some explore type shit. but I really aint been scared like that since i was 6 or 7 smh. heartbeatin like a mf. lol. I felt like a lil bitch the whole time. I was way to scared to ride fast and way too scared to ride slow. THere wasnt a single mfing light for about 5 miles!  not one just my lil weak ass motorcycle lamp. the Lil road fall under and through some lil hills and fields so the shit was scarryyyyyy I aint no what to expect lol.

I guess in reflect to the things Im frightened of I would have to say fallin off this motorcycle high speed. I took a dive last year off my first motorcycle and shit was terrible. I was only doing 30.  I was coming up Riverside Ave (my Fav mf Street on Earth) on my way to The Shop(starrs A cut Above) from RCC football practice and some lil senorita (Jennifer Lopez was her actual name smh) driving like a senorita do swung in my lane and put ya boy down fast!! smfh.  I slide head first baseball style about 10-15 football yards with basketball shorts on. smh.

my new bike is a monster 2002 suzuki gsx-r 1000. That shit scare me to death that the possibility of my death is fa Sho everytime I hop on that mf. so I try to respect that and Ride with that cautious respect. My peeplez tell me to be safe when they see me on it and I really take that deeper into my considerations. ya digg. Motorcycles is all of that fly shit but Way more of that dangerous! every month I hear somebody familiar with, died on they bike.  If they aint dyin they gettin extremely fucked up.

So Lately I been taking deeper into consideration of my death. I really felt that I never been frightened by death or my own death. I felt like I always lacked a reverence for my own life. I felt like everybody go. so why would my own going be such an event. Truly the shit aint matter to me.

but In revision It might be in addition to views on fatherhood and other maturity and growth but honestly only since I got on these Motorcycles have I now become such fully aware of the daily possibility of my death and developed a reverence for my life and decided that I do give a fuck and i aint ready to go yet. straight up and down. Im really not tryna die on a Motorcyle. for real. thats not what my life about at all.  So with that in determination I really have changed  speeds in my lifestyle. Not everything is so urgent and intense to me anymore. I really feel like the high risk and high speeds on the these Motorcycles have set me closer towards a good balance of myself to where im conscience of my life’s sustainence and making daily decision to maintain. I think the ability to ride these Motorcycles in a calm controlled fashion has been the calm to alot (not at all, its all)but alot of my underline Wild ass “Wild Boy” spirit that has been at times a detrement to my own Self Development and progress.

So yea never before until now but Im scared of dying particulary on a MOtorcycle. Truthfully to god Im scared to get Hurt again on these muthafuckin bikez smh. that Gravel aint nobody’s cool.

As I said I always felt fearless. but now I think I have a couple or three. 1st Agua Mansa. 2nd Falling off my motorcyle. 3rd  I fear teaching my son to be to Hard for success in this changing soft ass society. smh.  but Ill write about that shit soon……thanks for Reading this… Gritz …100 …..

“Malice Apparel & Accessories” by Marques and Marcus

I started this week at my new Shop location inside of Humidor Clothing Boutique and meet my youngN Ques an Intern at the Store and Fidm graduated. Homie also has his own clothing line and its dope af. I really got lowkey excited when he told me it was his because I liked it in the first place his summer Line is some of the freshest shit in the store. Malice is featured in the Humidor Clothing Boutique in the Riverside plaza in Riverside. So come thru get a cut and check my boy shit out Malice get familiar the fall line dropping soon!!

AntGiant member – Megan Rouse !!!!!

Megan Rouse

Megan Rouse is an extremely talented female Vocalist who is also skilled as a pianist. Megan is already the most Heralded Antgiant participant, winning The Commission Member of the Month in June. But I would Like to Second the Megan Rousemotion. And add my attest to her skill and potential. Megan’s Voice is a true warrant of all the herald she has begun to receive.

 Megan Rouse is truly an OUTSTANDing voice in all of her class and genre. The covers she handles are simply wonderful and some on the the verge of awing. Such as “People Get Ready” and her National Anthem rendition at a pro baseball game.

To use a quote from AntGiant’ own grammy winning producer “She has an uncanny ability to reach you with a swagger that will bring goose-bumps to your spine as you listen to her perform.” I’ve watched and tuned in to Megan’s youtube channel this past week and I found myself stuck to and singing her songs throughout my day. To have Megan Rouse Voice in your head is a pleasant day!
Please If you become familiar with Ms. Rouse and her works as an artist and continue to follow her and comment you thoughts and feelings of such good effort and performances. “To us here at antgiant she appears to be one of the most inspiring artist to watch in on youtube/ the internet.”
Megan Truly is the Epitomizing example of the Ant-Giant’s philosophy for the ant to power towards her goals with the strength (or Gorgeous Vocals) of a Giant!!!!! In fact with the powers invested in me as The Antgiant official blogger I hail Mrs. Megan Rouse our First official Ant Queen lol.

You can find Megan Rouse here, on her Antgiant Homepage
and on her youtube channel @
and on twitter





Rock the bells Tour

Nas, Raekwon, Common, Lauryn Hill, Mos Def & More Kick Off Rock The Bells Tour in the IE [Videos]



Some of hip hop’s finest acts kicked off the 2011 Rock The Bells Tour at San Bernardino’s San Manuel Amphitheater yesterday

According to the Los Angeles Times, two of the sets that stood out were Nas and Lauryn Hill. Both of whom performed their classic albums ‘Illmatic,’ and ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill‘ in their entirety.


No album better captured that dichotomy than the evening’s emotional core, “Illmatic,” with Nas aided by the album’s lone guest star, AZ, and its legendary producers, Pete Rock and DJ Premier. Backed by a set piece of the Queensbridge Houses projects and clips from four elements of the hip-hop bible, “Wild Style,” the all-black clad Nas brought the “dungeons of rap” to the Inland Empire.

Other acts on the bill included Erykah Badu, Mobb Deep, Cypress Hill, Ghostface Killah, Mos Def and Common.

Next stop for the tour is August 27 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in San Francisco.






Beloved singer “Amy Winehouse” Toxicology Results Revealed: Drugs Not Found

Amy Winehouse Toxicology Results Revealed: Drugs Not Found


Amy Winehouse’s toxicology results have been revealed, and while alcohol was present in her system, no illegal substances were found, leaving her cause of death still a mystery.

A statement released by spokesman Chris Goodman, via The Asssociated Press [Link], on behalf of singer’s family said, “toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy’s system at the time of her death.”


The toxicology results did show, however, that “alcohol was present” in Amy’s system, but it has yet to be determined if it played a role in her death.

Amy was found dead in her London home on July 23. She was only 27.

The five-time Grammy winner battled addictions throughout her time in the public spotlight.

Her father, Mitch Winehouse told mourners at Amy’s funeral in July that she had said to him, “‘Dad I’ve had enough of drinking, I can’t stand the look on your and the family’s faces anymore.'”

the Grittz; “My-self-ish”

Listening to my own music and reading my own blogz. I really couldn’t be more satisfied with my prothe Gritz gress for myself as a person. I really do the shit I do with only regards to the satisfaction of myself. Im so truly unconcern with the receiption of anything Ive said or done because Ive been so honest with my shit in the doings of it. And as I said that be my only true concern.  Im a very selfish mf and I feel it as a necessity. I need all the attention I give myself for the development of myself. I need all the Time I give myself for the development of myself. I truly feel alongside godj Grittzds ultimate direction I have guided myself, educated myself, mentored myself,  rehabilitated, nurtured and fathered myself through my lifetime. Ive really figured out who I am. And I love it more so than anything I have ever experienced on earth. I love all that I am, All that Ive been all that I am becoming and All that im capable of being. I feel like my resentment towards the people I once loved was in the “FACT” that nothing was ever about me. I really give myself all the time I need to express relay and convey everything I feel within myself. I truly converse within myself internally of all the things that concern me and not only converse but the Grittz I LISTEN, I LISTEN to Myself and my HONEST feelings,oppinions and perspectives. And As a father would notice the growth in his sons conversation I have notice my own! And Im so proud of the maturity of things that derive from my thoughts and my conversations. I love to hear myself think, I love to hear myself talk. I love to hear myself Rap right now too. Cause my shit truly is the most creative and thoughtful shit Ive heard  in contrast to these area mfz weak ass “music” smh.  i know u heard em. But anyway thats Ill I had to say. Just some selfish self recognition. call my next cd  “Self Recognition”

my “Young”n” ; Donovan Young

Donovan Young

Me and my lil cousin been gettin tight the last couple years. I think football really helped alot. Im really proud of my dude right now. Its funny to see him grow up from my lil fat dude to a senior TE on Varsity. 6’2 190. 4.7- 40 He been doin his stuff. not only on the football field but in class too.  3.2gpa Im really proud of homie. Alot of my lil dudes i try to stay online with is mainstream hopeless mfz. but Donovan is clearly the winner out a bunch. I see his effort toward growth and then his actual growth. I guess I really see the maturation in my boy and his perspective. So as he becomes aware of his personal realities I think I make more sense in our  conversation cause I feel like i identify closely with some of those same realities.

My boy tryna get to a 4 year University through athletic scholarship and business management major.  He already official #Tyrantboy so as I grow and come to realization of my business oppurtunities, I feel Donovan Young is really growing into an excellent reflection of individuals I would like to   develop and produce through my Youth and business programs.

New Soul Musik by The Dj Gritz off the “Self Development” Mixxtape Seriez

THe Gritz completed 2 new tracks this weekend in work towards completion of his Self Development Mixxtape Seriez. The Mixxtape consist of some very unique style of Cover Rap voice overs oveDj Gritz - Shop shit (Riverside)r some of the most timeless Soul music every recorded. Collectively the songs are Strong messaged, deeply substanced and Soulful at its root. THe tape is sure to make a strong presence for Gritz as an artist, and a personality. The perspective is the Development of ones SELF which is also the theme for The DJ Gritz “Self Employed” album. THe Gritz is stamping Business and Self initiative as his niche. He is a Definite unmatched substance for new artist, with an uncommon ability for timeless Relevance. but just Listen for yourself….

THe dj Gritz – Free

The Dj Gritz – Love dont Live hEre

“Tyrant” ; by Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”



“Tyrant” is conglomerate of business aspirations pioneered by Mark Anthony Howard a young community oriented entrepreneur, with the ultimate goal to enrich the lifestyle and potential lifestyle of all its affiliated youth. The objective of Tyrant is to Enrich, Educate, Communicate, Influence, Direct and Participate in the lives of its surrounding area youth on a daily basis.


The next project Tyrant plans to put into effect is……

Tyrant Youth Organization (Marketing Summary)


Tyrant Youth Organization

Market Analysis Summary

Tyrant Youth Organization is a program that is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are either falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile court system. Tyrant Youth Organization offers at-risk youth the opportunity to make a dramatic change in their lives.  The program is positioned to be most assessable to young people who otherwise would be swept into the juvenile court system or frequent school detention.

The goal of the program is to identify youths who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives.  The focus is slightly different at each level.  At the elementary school level, mentors strive to guide the young person back into the mainstream of class activity in order to destroy the negative elements that can turn a student off to school.  With middle school students, Tyrant Youth Organization provides mentors that serve as developmental role models for young people looking for direction.  Sometimes it is as easy as a young person identifying with his mentor rather than a person involved in criminal or destructive activities.  Once a student has entered high school with a history of classroom disturbances and poor academic skills, it takes a tremendous proactive effort to assist a student in redirecting their lives.  Tyrant has found that group activities can service as a powerful re-enforcement of hopeful behavior.

4.1 Market Segmentation

Tyrant Youth Organization has a number of market focuses that are key to the program’s success.

•Youth who are overcoming stressors in their lives, such as gangs, poverty, discrimination, abusive situations, addictions, unstable homes,  and academic life, are the primary marketing focus of Tyrant Youth Organization. Mentoring programs foster positive changes through sports, goal setting, self-discipline, skill development, Personal Development, Life Principles, Business Principles and friendship.

•Families are also the marketing focus when adult mentors are able to help youth work on solutions for their family stresses, and provide an objective but caring sounding board. As a result, many youth and their families report improved relations at home. Families must buy into the benefit from our United Parenting program, a 10-month series of custom-designed information and discussion groups that enrich parenting effectiveness, especially in the area of cognitive skills associated with family management practices.

•Marketing also attracts mentors to Tyrant Youth Organization because they care about kids and their community. The typical mentor-youth relationship demands a commitment that must be sold to the potential mentor. For most mentors, this experience changes their lives, taps their inner resources, and challenges their convictions and beliefs.

•Ultimately, Tyrant Youth Organization is marketed to Inland Empire and Riverside Communities as a critical social support system young people.

whatz A Cynic!!? and where they hide At!!

Q; whatz A Cynic!!? and where they hide At!!

A; Ri9ht behind/underneath a Hater. lol

Its a Thin Line Between a Hater and  a Cynic but let me draw it for you.

Haters are real cause I talk to homie yesterday and he hated on every topic that came up for an hour and half lol. But everybody call out Haters.  Mark Howard Calls out Cynics.  I see the cynical in mfz when nobody else do. And I be callin it!!  “You a Cynical Mf!” Haters are harmless but cynics can kill your spirit and motivation.

I truly can stand talkin to these mfz but check it out…

 I’d Like to educate my reader first of the term cynical then of cynics. I believe “Hater” has been well accepted term but extremely over used and it allows cynics to continue free as cynics cause because nobody is willing to accept being label as a Hater. So the bounce it off em,  But as I started call mfz Cynical it sticks to they ass. Lol. Cause they never heard that word but feels 2 familiar and comfortable for them to immediately reject it. Lol.  So Its lowkey like an education of self if you aware of cynical and don’t feel you like to be that you watch your cynical ass mouth a lil better.

 So ill tell u this next week don’t look for Haters look for Cynics because they been flying just under Hater Radar for a loooooonnnnggg time. And they everywhere. Cynical is a definite and consistant in ones speech . A unconscious cynic cannot contain himself, so as he feel ,he say. And youll see! And be like Mark was right. Lol. But in a Self Development note beware of your own cynic and cynical. Stay up!!

cyn·i·cism (sn-szm) n.

1. An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others: the public cynicism aroused by governmental scandals.

2. A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act: “She arrived at a philosophy of her own, all made up of her private notations and cynicisms” (Henry James).

Cynics ;  a person who shows or expresses a bitterly or sneeringly cynical attitude.

cyn·i·cal Adjective/ˈsinikəl/

1. Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.

2. Doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile.

cynical quotes ea.    I Like this quote I dislike this quoteIt’s hard to argue against cynics – they always sound smarter than optimists because they have so much evidence on their side

The opposite of creativity is cynicism

heres A link to some cynical quotes

Me and cindy mommaz still kick it (“THe Gritty’z”)

im feelin my girll right now. So i just wanna say it outloud. when been kickin since 02 through only Her and God know type shit!! lol. but Even in the Breakdowns we have I feel like we’re reconstructing a stronger base of a relationship. I really appreciate the direction she tries to take from me. I feel like the Man talkin to my woman and shit. lol. I really love her, my son and our relationship. Im a crazy mf in alot of different ways with alot of different ideas. THe GrittyzIve had alot of women but I aint never felt  confident I could get to the connective level that me and momma at.

Im impatient at times and she slow a.f. smh. but I learned or am learning with her to slow down and chill the fuck out sometimes. Its hard to keep a family together. I think if you resolve to break it up, you could find a reason for that daily. Its alot of things I quarrel with in dealings with her but you gotta fight through things and develop a “relative” understanding and purpose to keep kickin it! So im really hiding alot of my negative issues behind this relationship and I appreciate that from her and I appreciate that Im final able to convey the best of me or the betterings of me. and I owe alot of it to the direction that I take of my god and the Direction my girl take of me. We On right now and I dont see us coming off. She Mack – and- I Mack Hard but we Love Ourz. lol. riddle u that. 100

My Guy Jim Thome hits 600th (once a Good Guy- Alwayz A GoodGuy)

Hats off to My big Man Jim Thome for hitting number 600 this Monday. First ballot hall of famer still balling!!! I loved Thome as a White Sock and I always will.  Once a Good Guy always a good guy!!  Way to go two fiver Good Guyz wear Black!!!!!!!! Baseball has alwayz tried to valor Men of Integrity and great Character. I feel like Thome Epitomizes what Baseball is and would like to me as a man and Ball Player. Steady Progress and productivity throughout his carreer. I love his Cut Thomas, Aaron, Mays,  Griffey,And jeter with not even a hint of that steriod bullshit!!! Real men hit long forever. Thome makes number on the all time list with 599 and 600 coming consecutively!!!!!

James  Howard  Thome “Jim” (born August 27, 1970 in Peoria, Illinois) is an American Major League Baseball player. He is currently a designated hitter for the Minnesota Twins. He is the eighth player to hit 600 home runs in the major leagues

Thome with the sox:

On November 25, 2005, he was traded to the Chicago White Sox along with $22.0 million. The White Sox sent CF Aaron Rowand and minor league pitching prospects Gio Gonzalez and Daniel Haigwood to Philadelphia in return.

Chicago White Sox (2006–2009)Thome became the White Sox’s regular designated hitter in April 2006 and flourished in his first season in Chicago. In April, he set the team record for most home runs in the month of April (10), beating Frank Thomas’s record by one. He also set a major league record by scoring in each of the White Sox’s first 17 games. The modern and AL record for consecutive games with a run scored is 18 held by Red Rolfe (1939) and Kenny Lofton (2000). For the season, Thome hit 42 homers, batted in 109 runs, and hit .288. He also struck out 30.0% of the time, the highest percentage in the American League.[10]

On May 1, 2006, Thome returned to Cleveland to play his first game as a visitor at Jacobs Field. The “loud boos Thome heard in each of his six at-bats” were in “sharp contrast” to the “exhilarating reaction Johnny Damon received from Red Sox Nation upon his return to Fenway Park with the Yankees.”[11]

On April 15, 2007, Thome was one of three White Sox players (also two coaches) who wore jersey number 42 in recognition of the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s Major League debut in the White Sox vs. Indians game in Cleveland. Thome pinch-hit for Brian Anderson in the ninth inning and hit an infield single. Alex Cintron, also wearing 42, pinch ran for Thome.

Thome in 2008.On September 16, 2007, Thome hit his 500th career home run off Los Angeles Angels pitcher Dustin Moseley. The home run was a walk-off in the bottom of the ninth inning with one man on base, which gave the White Sox a 9–7 victory.[12] Thome became the 23rd major leaguer to reach the milestone and the third in the 2007 season (the others were Frank Thomas and Alex Rodriguez) as well as the first ever to do it with a walk-off shot.

25 members of Thome’s family and friends were in attendance to witness his milestone, including his father and wife. The game in which Thome hit the home run was also the Jim Thome bobblehead giveaway day at U.S. Cellular Field. Thome rounded the bases pointing upward in homage to his mother, who died from breast cancer in January 2005.

On June 4, 2008, Thome hit a 464 foot home run—the ninth longest home run in U.S. Cellular Field history—off of Kansas City Royals pitcher Luke Hochevar in a 6–4 White Sox victory. On August 14 of that year, Thome hit the first of four consecutive home runs by the White Sox. On September 30, he hit a solo shot in the AL Central Tiebreaker game which proved to be the difference as the White Sox defeated the Minnesota Twins 1–0

Thome’s hitting continued to be strong in 2009, and on June 1, he hit his 550th career home run in a win against the Oakland A’s.[14] On July 17, 2009, Thome hit a grand slam and a three-run homer in the same game for a career-high seven RBIs. On August 15, Thome passed Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson and moved up to 11th on the all time home run list with 564 home runs.

 Career summary

In his career to date (through mid-2011 season), Thome has a .558 slugging percentage, a .403 on-base percentage, and a 147 OPS+ (on-base percentage plus slugging, adjusting for park and league factors). His OPS+ ranks 41st in baseball history. He is considered one of the most complete power hitters of his era due to his ability to create extra base hits, maintain a solid batting average for a power hitter (his career batting average is .277), and ability to get on base. Despite this, he is still very prone to striking out. He is 2nd on the all-time list of strikeouts by a batter, and the active leader in that category, with 2,395. Thome also has 1,708 walks. Only 7 other major league players have more career walks than Thome.

Thome has been named Player of the Month three times: July 2001, September 2003 and June 2004. He is one of only six players to be named Player of the Month in each league (Vladimir Guerrero, Fred McGriff, Mark McGwire, Gaylord Perry and Dave Winfield are the others).

Jim Thome has the fifth-lowest career AB/HR (at bats per home run) average in major-league history. His 13.68 is eclipsed only by Mark McGwire (10.61), Babe Ruth (11.76), Ryan Howard (12.16), and Barry Bonds (12.90). Stretching behind Thome, all with averages greater than 14, are such hall-of-famers as Ralph Kiner, Harmon Killebrew, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Jimmie Foxx, and Mike Schmidt, in that order.

Although once a fine first baseman, with a career fielding percentage of .994, injuries have hampered Thome so that he is almost completely limited to the DH position. Thome played one game at first base for the Chicago White Sox in 2007, but he has not played the field since.

Alexander Graham Bell once said:

“The most successful men in the end are those whose success is the result of steady accretion… It is the man who carefully advances step by step, with his mind becoming wider and wider – and progressively better able to grasp any theme or situation – persevering in what he knows to be practical, and concentrating his thought upon it, who is bound to succeed in the greatest degree.”

Thome has proved in his day of glory to be a great man but more importantly he has proved to be a terrific ambassador for Major League Baseball.

heres is another great article about my Guy jim thome.
Read more:


The Gritz; A iz for …..Authenticity!!!

The Word of the Day iz


Root word ; au·then·tic Adjective/ôˈTHentik/

 1. Of undisputed origin; genuine: “authentic “.
2. Made or done in the traditional or original way:
as you know I am a heavy perspective of self so is a define myself i define words in their literal sense as it is applicable to MYSELF. I have a hard time believing that I am born of… or destined to.. some type of special. what i do believe that there alot of solid characteristics of MYSELF that make me exceptional. One of These characteristics if not THEE CHaracteristic is my AUTHENTICITY. My AUTHENTICITY is what distinguishes myself for the next man that is unAware of this definition.and therefore has not developed HIMSELF as AUTHENIC.

So here it is….. Make YOurSELF better…. thats what my life is about Progression of SELF and making MYSELF better then extending this perspective down through MY (ownership) community.

Authenticity -refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions

AUTHENTICITY-In philosophy, the conscious self is seen as coming to terms with being in a material world and with encountering external forces, pressures and influences which are very different from, and other than, itself

Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite these pressures

Pink is alwayz In!! (Proud and Pretty In Pink)

I recently deeJayed my good friend Dominique Ferrells 26 birthday party.(what UP Sis!!?) And hung out with some of her very close friends since Highschool and I ran into Chelsie Mogan (BS in Kinesiology / Health Education- California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) and  was introduce to the Company Proud and Pretty in Pink!

Proud and Pretty in Pink is an organization founded by my close friend Chelsie Mogan and spearheaded Chandra Mogan and other friends as the Organization’s biggest supporters . The “Mogan girls” are a set of the most fun, loving and enjoyable, young women you could meet and through “Proud and Pretty” are sharing their congeniality with young girls everywhere. Proud and “Pretty In Pink” was started in 2009 and is beginning towards its depths of service towards young women and the awareness of themselves as young women!

The mission of “Proud & Pretty in Pink” is for girls of all ethnicities, social classes, sexual orientations, and backgrounds to feel united, powerful and educated. Thru body image, self esteem, and sex education all girls can learn to feel good in their own skin.

Thru activities, demonstrations, lectures, and speakers girls will be given the opportunity to express themselves and learn about others. Coming together and feeling better about who they are, girls will gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Along the way better self esteem will be created and a positive body image can be obtained.

Body Image, Self Esteem, and Sex Education! Helping girls build with a steady foundation of image, esteem, & education. Feeling Proud & Pretty is possible for all girls. Seeing the World in Pink is so much better than black and white.

 Proud and Pretty in Pink Weblinks:
visit the “Proud and Pretty in Pink” facebook page and push “like”
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AD da Loc -Real Niggaz Do Real Thingz (Tha Mixtape) drops now!!


 AD Da Loc – Real N’ggaz Do Real Thingz (Tha Mixtape) Release this Last Saturday check my young boy out. Makin alot of Cali noise and super active.

 One of my fav. young  unsigned West coast artist w/one of my fav Songs to drop this year Ad Da Loc – “Gang Bangin Real Shit” ft. Dj Necterr  and “Mandoe” dope af. see for yo’self tho!!

Ad Da Loc  (ThaRealAdDaLoc) onTwitter

Download Ad Da Loc New Mixtap Real Niggaz Real Thangz

and check homie out all over the NthaHood networking site of which Im also affiliated with

Truly one of my fav. Songz and Videoz this year!!!

Teyonna Jarman – Top Member

Teyonna Jarman
is a young antGiant commissioned member Vocalist with mounds of potential. With both  Range and delivery with clarity of note, she is a star within our network.

Teyonna Jarman has also been selected for this month’s AntGiant MGB commissioned member winner  for July 2011. With Hundreds of views and comments for each of her spirited covers of songs ranging from  Janet Jackson – Again to her latest Brian Mcnight – One Last Cry.

 Teyonna’s video covers are one of the most enjoyable contributions within the site to watch with articulate, and expressioniate lyrics complimented by a beautiful young voice,tone and sparkling smile! 

Congratulations to Ms. Teyonna Jarman and we look forward to take off of her bright career. Another example of the Ant-Giant’s philosophy for the ant to power towards her goals with the strength(or Voice) of a Giant!!!!!

Teyonna can be viewed here or  upon our site at her homepage and at her youtube site

GoodLuck To Teyonna