Mark Anthony Howard -On- “Chris Duran”

Its funny that I picked Chris Duran as My first Example to blog in my new category. Chris Duran Is actually the Inspiration for the Category. I’ve always wanted to convey to Chris; my admiration for his entire Family, Their Perspective, His perspective and  particularly himself, as an example of a person.

So here it goes Chris Duran, “Chris D.” or “CD” is just basically one the cooooooolest white peeple I’ve ever met. lol. Back In High School Chris was a year older than me and  he was the starting point guard for Fontana High School varsity basketball team. Whats cooler than that!? and I while I liked Chris as a person I loved his game. He never played beyond himself he never seemed frayed even in a press Defense, he found the open man (Mark Mancha) and he hit big shoots consistently but deeper than that Chris was an excellent student and christian. I felt like Chris had more balance than the rest of us kids.(with Much Credit to his Family) So as we I grow up I always felt conscience of myself being from a poor and disfunctional family but as I hung with Chris and J.D. I didn’t feel that. The Duran Boyz are the Coolest,  Most, UnBias, Sincere, Loving, and Non Judgmental people Ive Ever met. Truly!  I communicate with J.D and Chris sporadically but They are truly a family of friendship I revere to dearly. Great friends. and My Peeple!!

Their father is a accomplished writer and blogger whom I follow. with a newly published book He’s different to say the least. lol. And there Mother “Ms. D” is so awesome a support for everthing they aspire. Love her too. Sisters are Suppper Cool. even pet Boxers where cool. lol.

I’d like to congratulate Chris  and John both on newly Successful marriages. I love u guys and bid u great Luck for you guys have been excellent examples of Great people for me and I appreciate your friendships brothers.!!

your good friend

Mark Anthony Howard

post script : Chris D. and his wife Krystal D. also have a great blogpage that I follow with some interesting Topics (BUzz Lightyear was my Fav) with great  perspective Im sure you’ll love them as much as I.


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  1. daniel strickland

    Chris and his family are definitely great people. I am privileged to have such great friends in my life and CD is definitely at the top of the list. He will give you his honest opinion, even if its not cohesive with the group or completely wrong!!! 😉 haha
    -Daniel Strickland

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