Riverside Mf! Relocation of Self (U are Here Update)

haha the Topic is Relocation. Ive literally, figuratively, physically,spiritually and emotionally moved!!! the Actual “Relocation” of Self  haha.

look so check this where im at. ummmmm……… Riverside Mf!!!!!  lol. I Love Riverside!!!! My favorite Auntie used to stay in a lil Riverside hood when I was lil and Love it. lol (hoodbaby) I used really have a plan to  run away to Riversiede when I got a lil older but all my lil bitches was scared to go wit me. lol. I really wish i would have gone early tho. Cause I Love Riverside City and I alwayz did.  I feel like I can be all I can be and sucka freee at the same time. all the busters I know stay in San Bernardino County.. Real talk wit you.   So feel like now im just outside of hater range and I really and truly been feeling the benefits, the changes and overall Refresh attributes of the Relocation of myself.

I feel Like I moved to Riverside and my life was at reset. I have no criminal record in Riverside county but I have a extensive History of Business Recorded at city Hall. Im respected everywhere i go but In Riverside Im Well respected sir! So where Im at now Is in Riverside a good community, a good city with a great perspective of home and the growth of it. Im in my second semester at Riverside community college and I love it. Its tough but I love it. and I plan to graduate with an associates degree in Business Administration within a year and a half. (SlowGrind) The only thing I want for myself is the opportunity to be who I am capable of. I  feel like Ive moved myself towards that opportunity and I am soooooooooo taking advantage of it and completely wowing mfz in the process.  


Today I negotiated for myself as Tyrant Business Management and Promotional services with the owners of Humidor clothing Boutique and Cold cutz barbershop in Riverside.  I submitted and proprosed myself for the Barber/Manager/promotional marketer position within their barbershop/clothing store project. And I fuckin WON!! and Im sooo fuckin excited about it.  So as of Sept 1st, 2011.  ill be working in The RIVERSIDE PLAZA as the Barber in my own shit by myself as a Division of ” Cold Cutz Barbershopz” inside of :

Humidor Clothing Boutique

Humidor Clothing Boutique 3555 Riverside Plaza Drive
Riverside, CA 92506-2713
(951) 782-9295


Come Get Fresh For Real!!!!!


its funny how I landed at this Location in Riverside Plaza and feel it is such an UP in my life because about a year and a half ago I was complety on the flip at my Down . I was completely homeless staying in my Caprice. The irony is that Me and My 2 year old son parked and stayed a couple nights at that same plaza !! Life is Full Circles!!!! and that is my most priced principle I’ved developed for my self.  zero is the most realistic number in relation to Life!!! take that and quote me cause I promise to God it will come back around relative.



About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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