Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes “Hood” Movie Review

I took momz to the lil raunchy ass movie theater by the Hoodnext to Ike in Rialto. to see the Rise of the apez movie. lol. Thats shit was banging. Im start doing movie reviews and shit lol. Ceaser was way G with his. I always like to see Rise and Conquer type movies. thats the only kinda movies I like. I dont do Romantic comedies and shit. lol.Movies gotta appeal to my G side and my strategic mentality. I like how he broke down how an ape alone is weak and Apes together were strong. I like that concept alot. I think that accumulative efforts of a group in accord is always a powerful threat to anything of opposition to it. That really strike a side of me. Go check it out though its dope. Riverside Plaza got them Good $15 captain seats but Rialto got them cheap minivan seats for the low. $7 buckz

I like the main white dude in the movie he was real cool. Will played by J franco was a scientist trying to find a cure for alzheimers which is popz whom lived with him had a severe case of. The experiment was held with apes as case studies and one of the experiments go back and the Momma Ape go bananaz all the the Lab and tear up everything. lol. Ceaser is the Crazy momma Apez baby and Will takes him home and raise him til he go crazy one day and he has to go to a Ape Village or Ape Prison. and Ceasear turn into  the big homie using his extradinary thinking abilities and the stage an uprising to free all the apes. Hood Review #1 lol. what u think!?? here the a link to a real review though.


Starring : James Franco, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, Tom Felton, David Oyelowo, Tyler Labine, Jamie Harris

Rebooting this franchise seemed somewhat iffy until we heard it would involve Weta performance-capture technology (complete with Serkis). And indeed, it’s an eye-popping, involving summer movie that manages to layer thoughtful substance with the lively action.

Will (Franco) is a San Francisco scientist experimenting with a new Alzheimer’s medication he hopes will cure his father (Lithgow). But things take an unexpected turn when his greedy boss (Oyelowo) gets rid of his lab-test chimps, leaving Will to raise infant ape Caesar (Serkis) in secret. But Caesar’s super-human intelligence can’t keep him out of the clutches of the nasty father-son animal controllers (Cox and Felton), who badly underestimate him.
Can Will and his chimp-expert girlfriend (Pinto) sort out the mess before a furious Caesar takes matters into his own capable hands?

The filmmakers cleverly rework themes from an earlier prequel (1972’s Conquest of the Planet of the Apes), plus elements from the movies and TV series, to create an intriguing origin story that also works as a stand-alone popcorn thriller. And the big issues, from the nature-nurture debate to a cautionary exploration of humanity’s casually destructiveness, add a sense of depth that makes this film stand out from other summer blockbusters, even if these themes aren’t addressed with much depth. But the story is hugely involving.

The always-engaging Franco is superb as a too-nice guy whose struggle against his own good will is a sort of tragic flaw. And his scenes with Caesar are made riveting by Serkis’ full-on performance; the intelligence in his eyes and his raw physicality evolve strikingly along the way. By contrast, the likable Pinto only seems on-hand to provide some feminine beauty, while an over-emotive Lithgow at least finds some wrenching dignity. And three gifted Brits provide the one-note bad guys, with Cox and Felton as low-life slimeballs and Oyelowo in the thankless greedy-jerk role.

But this is essentially a romantic-drama about a boy and his chimp, and it’s a rousing romp with moments that are seriously chilling as the filmmakers lightly explore the dangers of tinkering with nature. They also create a solid back-story for the continuing franchise, plus a terrific template for even more unsettling effects work.


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