Steve Harvey Gettin at Tavis Smiley Hard

I never been a Steve Harvey fan. but my man went in on this lil Radio clip. Im a member of the SmileyandWest network and they team up on alot of issuez and lately Ive been hearing them take alot of negative stance on Obama and his second term. I really appreciate the points Steve made on The President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not the PRESIDent of the HOOD being busy with American issues and Tavis Smiley being Insensitive  to the President being busy with President issuez as opposed to consistant addressing Tavis Smiley designed issues. 

Smiley, a longtime television broadcaster and West, a Princeton professor, host the Smiley & West show on Public Radio International. The two announced plans to hold a Poverty Bus Tour.

According to The Root, the “Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience” will travel to soup kitchens, Indian reservations and low-income communities. West and Smiley will stay overnight at the homes of families struggling in today’s economy.A big topic of debate is sure to be frequent target Obama.West told BET that a big reason for the tour is what he sees as Obama’s commitment to bankers more than poor people.

Steve get at the boyz about how the two are taking issue with President Obama not addressing exclusively the poverty issues with Blacks in America but Harvey explains how blacks, poor and dis-enfranchised are of the most advantage to the Presidents revisions under Health reform, Education and Tax breaks and how if bLacks would cultivate a spirit of inclusion in the American issues as a whole we stand the Greatest of benefits.

my oppinion concurs with Steve Harvey because I do agree that Tavis Smiley request the Presidents exclusive attention at every one of his events

 Harvey are firing back at West and Smiley.Harvey addressed the situation on his radio show a couple of days ago.”Uncle Tom Look Out” where an Uncle Tom is driving the bus.

heres the link to Steve Harvey Morning show :

Peep the full audio below.


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