AntGiant member – Megan Rouse !!!!!

Megan Rouse

Megan Rouse is an extremely talented female Vocalist who is also skilled as a pianist. Megan is already the most Heralded Antgiant participant, winning The Commission Member of the Month in June. But I would Like to Second the Megan Rousemotion. And add my attest to her skill and potential. Megan’s Voice is a true warrant of all the herald she has begun to receive.

 Megan Rouse is truly an OUTSTANDing voice in all of her class and genre. The covers she handles are simply wonderful and some on the the verge of awing. Such as “People Get Ready” and her National Anthem rendition at a pro baseball game.

To use a quote from AntGiant’ own grammy winning producer “She has an uncanny ability to reach you with a swagger that will bring goose-bumps to your spine as you listen to her perform.” I’ve watched and tuned in to Megan’s youtube channel this past week and I found myself stuck to and singing her songs throughout my day. To have Megan Rouse Voice in your head is a pleasant day!
Please If you become familiar with Ms. Rouse and her works as an artist and continue to follow her and comment you thoughts and feelings of such good effort and performances. “To us here at antgiant she appears to be one of the most inspiring artist to watch in on youtube/ the internet.”
Megan Truly is the Epitomizing example of the Ant-Giant’s philosophy for the ant to power towards her goals with the strength (or Gorgeous Vocals) of a Giant!!!!! In fact with the powers invested in me as The Antgiant official blogger I hail Mrs. Megan Rouse our First official Ant Queen lol.

You can find Megan Rouse here, on her Antgiant Homepage
and on her youtube channel @
and on twitter






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