the Grittz; “My-self-ish”

Listening to my own music and reading my own blogz. I really couldn’t be more satisfied with my prothe Gritz gress for myself as a person. I really do the shit I do with only regards to the satisfaction of myself. Im so truly unconcern with the receiption of anything Ive said or done because Ive been so honest with my shit in the doings of it. And as I said that be my only true concern.  Im a very selfish mf and I feel it as a necessity. I need all the attention I give myself for the development of myself. I need all the Time I give myself for the development of myself. I truly feel alongside godj Grittzds ultimate direction I have guided myself, educated myself, mentored myself,  rehabilitated, nurtured and fathered myself through my lifetime. Ive really figured out who I am. And I love it more so than anything I have ever experienced on earth. I love all that I am, All that Ive been all that I am becoming and All that im capable of being. I feel like my resentment towards the people I once loved was in the “FACT” that nothing was ever about me. I really give myself all the time I need to express relay and convey everything I feel within myself. I truly converse within myself internally of all the things that concern me and not only converse but the Grittz I LISTEN, I LISTEN to Myself and my HONEST feelings,oppinions and perspectives. And As a father would notice the growth in his sons conversation I have notice my own! And Im so proud of the maturity of things that derive from my thoughts and my conversations. I love to hear myself think, I love to hear myself talk. I love to hear myself Rap right now too. Cause my shit truly is the most creative and thoughtful shit Ive heard  in contrast to these area mfz weak ass “music” smh.  i know u heard em. But anyway thats Ill I had to say. Just some selfish self recognition. call my next cd  “Self Recognition”


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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