NBA star Al Harrington knocks out a reporter

i think Im add a New category I feel like I been trying to avoid it but I have to have a Sports Category. It too much of my attention not to. So I guess I might start with these Nba Mfz. smh. They buggin out with this lockout. Most of em really dont have no sense in the first place but basketball always excuse them but these lil Lockout antics is gettin outta hand. yo boy gonna start documentment em to. smh. so I gues first and just real quik my nigga Al Harrinton wants to be an MMA fighter. smh. whatever homie do yo stuff. here go the Video lol.


NBA star Al Harrington really knocks out a reporter during an MMA sparring session in Huntington Beach, California.
these mfz is wildn lol. follow me on twitter and push like on my facebook

references; I get alot of my lil newz from my homeboy Necterr and Angel Kou on check us out over there too.


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