my Guy- “Troy Smith” To the UFL

Troy James Smith (born July 20, 1984) is an American football quarterback for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He played college football at Ohio State.

Smith has also played for the San Francisco 49ers. He won the 2006 Heisman Trophy, his senior year with the Buckeyes. He took 86.7% of the first place votes, a record that still stands today….

Troy Smith Is Absolutely one of my Favorite Guyz in the NFL. HE alwayz makes the play keeps his confidence and is sooo under Rated and disrespected by all his weak ass coaching. I feel Troy Smith is soooo much of a capable winning QB. I truly believe More so than Tavares or Alex Smith, Tebow, or Henne, or Vince young, Marc Bulger, Kyle Boller. All these guys I believe My guy Is better than but these weak ass Teams hes been affiliated with disrespect his talent and his capability by not even giving my dude a proper or legitemite opportunity to solidify himself as a premier or at least consistant starting NFL quarterback or strong #2.
THats why I could never be a 49er or Ravens or Raiders fan. I really dont believe in those teams ability to develop there own Talent. This is an attest to my Steelers alligiance because I truly believe that We as an organization give Men quality oppurtunity to be the BEST football player than are capable of being within our BEST efforts Toward winning FOOTBALL games and competing for Championships.

Or organization of football and the development of quality talented players is the difference between my boy Dennis Dixon consistent showings of solid football skill at the qb position. and Troy Smith( who I believe the better of the two) now seeking UFL employment. Opportunity is essential. and these Loser teams are the spoil of GREAT TALENT.

Former OSU star vows to work for Nighthawks QB job –
Jeremiah Masoli became the odd man out in at least one aspect of the competition for the starting quarterback job with the Omaha Nighthawks. After the team signed Troy Smith to a United Football League contract on Thursday, Masoli became the only quarterback on the Nighthawks’ roster without a Heisman Trophy. Smith laughed heartily when asked if that’s something he and Eric Crouch might use to chide the rookie from Mississippi.

fuck the NOne Developing, No signs of Promise ass Alex Smith, Marc Bulger, Kyle Boller  and thE Ravens as an ORG. Smith could have starred as Wonderful Starting QB for the Weak ass pass dropping Niners and an excellent #2 behind FLACCO. such as Dixon and Rothleisberger.

heres a reply a reader wrote to a blog I read that I thought was really well said and written…….

I’m truly out the loop here. I’ve been quite busy these past few months and must admit that I had no clue that Troy Smith had been cut by the 49ers.
Not that I’m the least bit surprised considering it’d be the second time he’d been cut by a Harbaugh when he seemed poised to nab the starting job.
All I can say is that I hope the ‘9ers go 2-14 so long as Harbaugh continues to stand behind Alex Smith and an unproven rookie in Colin Kaepernick.
Troy Smith should’ve been the starter point blank period! Was he lights out great? No! But anyone with even slight vision could see he was the best QB on that roster. Far better than the overhyped and overpaid A. Smith.
Kaepernick is a Vince Young type QB and a major project considering he didn’t play against stellar competition in the WAC. Harbaugh thus seems poised to get his wish: landing Andrew Luck in next April’s draft.

  • I’ve had the displeasure of hearing Skip Bayless repeatedly try and convince opposing debaters and viewers how Tim Tebow should be the Broncos’ starter. And I must admit that I hear myself echoing many of the same sentiments about T Smith. He’s a winner. A leader. But unlike Tebow, Smith is a capable QB. He’s just never been given an opportunity to prove himself. The 49ers gave him more of one than the Ravens had but still not enough.

    When playing with the Ravens, he kept the team from being shut out on the road against Seattle. The next week he would’ve ensured that the Dolphins went 0-16 had Billick not made the boneheaded decision to go for the field goal inside the red zone with a few downs to go. Nonetheless, he led the Ravens to their first win in 8 weeks against archrivals the Steelers and going into the next season, seemed poised to take the starting job even after a mediocre preseason performance. But the hiring of John Harbaugh, sealed the deal that wonderboy Flacco would nab the starting job even though the locker room in large part perferred T. Smith due to his leadership abilities among other things.
    We of course also know that he mysteriously contracted an illness just as he was about to be named week one starter.
    Bottom line he got screwed by John and now Jim Harbaugh. Two Harbaughs in just over two years. How ironic.

    Whatever the case being in the UFL will hopefully give him the time and chance to prove himself to NFL GMs.

aye I Fukz with Massoli though too. I might have to keep up with Night Hawks this season. for real.


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