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Sara mioni Review

Sara Moini Is an Extremely talented singer and pianist here at ANTGiant.  Truly one of the most beautiful and melodic voices I’ve listened to. Sara has been around music her whole lifetime and it truly conveys in her spirit as she sings. To listen to Sara’s covers is to listen to her soul and its depths.  As I reviewed Sara’s youtube channel and listened to her covers I could hear the professionalism in voice.  On top of extreme natural ability, Sara’s is a voice one would have to develop a lifetime upon to duplicate. To try to duplicate the technical difficulty and range that Sara tackles in so gorgeously in her music, would be dangerous for a novice.  Sara Moini’s magical voice is truly the product of years of serious music dedication,  study, practice, and hard work!!! Vocal Artistry such as Sara’s is very exclusive and rare and We at AntGiant are privileged to be graced by such an example of musical product!!


The gift of music is a legacy passed down from Sara’s grandfather in Iran whose mastery of the Persian instrument ‘tar’ made him one of the most sought after musicians in the country. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Sara started her training in classical music with piano at the age of six. By the age of nine she was fascinated by the violin and asked for lessons. Sara excelled with the violin winning the title of Young Musician of the Year in Peterborough, England at the age of 12 competing with musicians up to 19 years old. To fulfill her inquisitive mind, Sara also started learning a third instrument, the flute, which gave her an insight into woodwind instruments as well as the strings and keyboard. At the age of 17, Sara’s love for the violin took her around the world. Studying in Spain for a year and Sweden for 2 years, she performed in France, Italy, Portugal, Austria and Estonia. To maximize her understanding of music and the mind, Sara studied and received her Bachelors in psychology and music from USC. Her latest projects involve her love of singing and RnB music in which she writes and sings her own material. She is currently also working on hip hop violin. Hometown:London

Popular Covers

Sex is on Fire   /  If I Ain’t Got You – Sara Moini (Alicia Keys) /

One Plus One(My personal Favorite!!)


Sara’s gorgeous music can be found here- 

Angiant –


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  1. she is amazing 🙂

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