my HoopTeez

I aint got nothing to talk about or write about im just up . I shoulda took my ass to sleep 4 hours ago. smh.
All i can think about is a thunderbird and my thunderbird. I want a V8 thunderbird sooooooooooooooooooo baddddddd. I think its funny that I love hooptz so much. I really love my caprice wagon right now as much as I every loved anything I had I love my wagon right now. She treats me soooo good and I lowkey abuse her, neglect her and outright disrespect her. but when I get it her we Love each other and understand each other. We been through alot in the last 2 years. a whoole lot. I couldnt even begin to write all the memories aloud. Some things is just really between me and her. Truthfully I think with the exception of my Kia. ( I loved my kia sooooo much) this is the longest any car has stuck with me! through all my neglegance I think we supposed to be together. I met her at an auction like it was meant to be. the auction had already started and i pull up in some whole other hoopt on super CP time because I figure what ever is meant to be shall be. So As I walk up the auctioning this Long waterblue, ashy boat lookin thing, and dont nobody want that shit. (gas is jumping. 3.75 then) and people lookin for honda’s and acuras (all the 4cylinders going for like 3500) I place a couple bids on the big hoopt and skate off wit it for 950. i coulda got it for 700 but this ashy nigga wanna hate and raise my shit up just cause.(he aint even want that mf smh)

I already had some rims so I pulled off smog and thru some dub daytons on it within a week or two. i was soooo happpy with myself. lol.

I need that feelin back again with a new old ass thunderbird like a 95′ and ima through the same Daytons I had on the caprice on it and get some Iroc’s for the caprice and killl em off in Riverside. Ima be the hottest mf in the County lol. job or no job. Ima feel like a straight asshole sittin on my two favorite hooptz and stupid fly ass GsxR!!

but anyway. yea I love MY CArs! not Cars My Cars. if its mine its a whole different kinda thing for me. I really have love affairs with my cars. I swear to God i have more emotional shifts in conversations of my cars than I do of annnnyyy woman I every been with. crazy shit but for real. I swear If I let myself I could cry about my Last thunderbird and how it played out. I really feel pain in my heart when I think or talk about my THunderbird and the plans I never got fulfill with it. smh. but If I get a new one. Ill put them tearz in a bucket. lol. I just neeed one badddddd. I wish I had a cool relative that would look out like that. by you boy a bucket for his birthday loved one! haha. im finna really get on this hustle and scrape me one. for a cool like 800 or 900 and just fix it(or not) as I go.


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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