wow!!! 9/11/2001 ten years

9/11 2001 i was a senior in high school at Fontana High feelin like not a fuckin thing mattered in the world so i was about 2  hours late to school(first and second period). i was chillin getting ready for school cooking and watchin the newz.  they was talkin about Micheal Jordan coming back to basketball and the Whitesox had won there game yesterday (WhiteSox always been my team so I watched the Highlights) it was like 9 oclock and the news comes on that a plane had hit a building. I was like damn thats crazy where they do that at? so i kinda tune in a lil closer still not really concerned just iquisitive and see its a New York world  trade center building and im like wtf happened as the News reporter describes what is happening and his theory as to what might of happened or could have happened and the resolve measured that are beginning to take place,  The second plane flew in soooo fast from the right and hits the same building and even as a careless teen My heart jumped and I couldnt believe what the fuck whats going on. u expect to see the craziest things on the news but i could not believe what I was watchin so early in the morning.  I really lost all the nonchalant and arrogance that I was feeling at that moment and I felt more outside of myself as they began to report how many people were in this building and then the screams of reporters and by standers as people began to JUMP!!! that was soo terrifying to see that people jumping and falling  and then the Collapse of the buildings was soo crazy to see and I couldnt believe what the fuck was going on in America! not iraq or pakistan or some third world In NEW YORK City AMerica!! 

I watched it  for another hour and a half before I went to school where We watched it all day.  Ill never forget MR. Griffith made us Say the pledge of allegence in my 5th period and he said it so Fervent and heartfelt. looking back I feel bad I didnt say anything but I just watched him and my class. clueless kids not really grasping the whole of what happened because they were at school in class and hadnt watched what the fuck just happened to our country in our Country by TERRORIST. I felt I was the only one in the class that remotely understood and Identified with Mr. Griffith as made us do such a timely allegience. I felt bad I didnt say it but I watched him say it with all of himself and all of his great understanding and all of his sorrow for those people that were dying that morning.
I had images in my head that hadn’t full developed but were setting. and I imagined people BURNING, people smelling people burning, people seeing people burning, people crying and fighting for window space to breath gas filled, smoke filled air. and that shit blows the left side of my brain and my heart hurts thinking of those images and those peoples conversations and text messages to there families husbands and wives and even kids. This was such a terrible and tragic day and its really taken 10 years for it to set in with me what I seeen happen that day. and what it did to me and my country. and I feel terrible I didnt say a word in that pledge that day. I am an Black AMERICAN man and I feel my countries sorrow, pain, and reverence to that day in its full!! WE are still reliving that day in or minds and memories and WE WILL NEVER FORGET what we seen we felt we’ve been through and are going through. We are still healing but we are still ailing. and This is such a painful day and anniversarie to commemorate but I will never let it go unaddressed.

I wanna write forever on this day but here are some videos that have been up for 10 years but Tell me how u feel watching these same images as an adult. I was probably the only kid at my highschool to see this LIVE and actual and it really changed alot of myself in my demeanor and morale as a person. I lost alot of my selfish and gained alot of my selfless in this day when alot of GOOD and even Great AMERICAN PEOPLE lost their wonderful lives. I feel such deep sorrow in their memory and lose myself regard in there last minutes of fear and terror. NEVER FORGET sept. 11th 2001  



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  1. Same here I was at the crib deciding when I’d hit school up and seen it on tv crazy day. I mourn along with fam and friends of all the victims of not only this tragedy but all tragedy.

    • hell yea thats crazy to reLive that day so long after and still feel the depths of it. thanks for commenting my good friend appreciate you reading my lil shit too fam

  2. Jenny ~ Seriously you really know how to express yourself…. Wow this is still too surreal for me I was probably the same as you nothing really mattered at the time… I didn’t realize the power of the terrorist acts that I just had happened… To… say the least I woke up got ready to go to six flags turned the tv on for like 10 min then was on my way out with friends to six flags… We where so selfish, all that mattered to us having fun. Well when we got there we realized how serious it was since six flags was closed due to the acts. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks……. *sigh* …. life changing….

  3. WowI remember this day as well cause I was also home when the news brodcasted the happening of 911. It was a horrible event to experience and at first all I could think of is this really happening. I remembering praying for all those pepole. I saw my mom crying because my second cousin works close to the Twin Towers, she was on the phone trying to make sure he was ok. Such a sad thing for America but as I believde all things happen for a reason. I feel that out of all the bad that happened one good thing was that it kind of humbled us Americans. I question all the theories and “said conspiracies” of why this happened but in the end I thank all those heros who tried and did rescue some of the victims from the Twin Towers , pray for those families who lost their loved ones.

  4. Yes he was ok thankfully.

  5. Terry Martin

    Hello Mark… Chris Martin’s mom here…. I also woke up turned on the computer, and thought they had posted a short on a movie coming out soon, when it was actually the towers on fire. I didn’t let Chris go to school that day, so yes he too saw it live also… all I remember was calling my mother and crying… and kept thinking what is going to happen to all the great people in this nation… would we be attacked again and where..if you looked up in the sky, you would see something you had never seen before… Not a Plane in the sky… . in short I will never forget that day.. and neither will any American…. Thank you Mark… I loved reading your account of that day… Terry Martin

    • Hey Mrs. Martin Thank you soooo much for your reading and I really appreciate you commenting as well. i dont get alot. So i got really excited to see yours and your take on it. Chris is truly one of my favorite people I ever met. did u know we went to 3rd grade together at but yes this was a terrible terrible occurance it was so movie-like and surreal i honestly tried to excuse it for a really good Movie Trailer. I felt my understanding was better than some classmates but truly im only just now grasping completely, as you described, the vulnerability that our country and the people watching this felt. i can imagine the anxiety in the conversation you had with your mother, you never expect things like this to happen in America. i just pray i never witness anything of this magnitude again in my lifetime. it would trigger too much insecurity for me especially in regards to the aftermathing in economy and amount of rehabilition time. I still feel it as an open wound. but again Thank you so dearly Ms Martin. I really appreciated hearing your perspective! especially knowing personally the wonderful fruitage of it in ashley and chris! hope to meet u one day take extra care – Mark Anthony Howard

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