NaSham Anthony Howard (lil Gritz) School; day 1

my baby boy had orientation yesterday and today is his first day of school. We Gritz and lil Gritz around here so we dont get to excited about nothing we JUST DOEZ IT ! haha. but he is excited and cant wait “to learn and play” is what he says. so I can digg it. I was cutting his hair this morning and he request a taper with a “N” and an “H” and He wanted a a super hero on his Folder. I printed up this IronMan for him you know I did. IronMan is the realest. Lol. but he got the whole get up. SuperHero drawls spiderman backpack spiderman shirt and iron man folders, pencils and 5 sprays of cologne lol. so when I finished hishair he said thank u and I your welcome and called him young Man today for the first time. lol .

my baby boy is a Man in training for real!!! thats what my whole dad about so why not start for Birth. Man Training! alot of mfz dont never figure out how to be a man. Alota Men (especially Black Men) aren’t taught! but “Shame” daddy been on his head since day one literally!. My first lesson to my son was holdin is Neck. Id brace him but When his daddy held him it was in preparation of an AWARENESS principle and my baby is has been highly conscientious and alert to his surroundings since I first held him. I aint let him sleep I woke him up and made him look at me. “aye” aye” aye” Shame Shame whats up!? wake up u see me! Im your dad homie! U hear me. Im your Dadd!!! lol.and I felt like he truly understood what was being address to him. So hIM Super advanced. I tape the whole birth but my fuckin computer crashed and i lost the whole footage smh. but for that same reason Ima keep a writing Log on my sons progress as a MAN starting today. Ya digg thanks for reading and i gotta get my son ready for school. 100


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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