My Guy K- Mart signed to Chinese League!!

Kenyon Martin Will Sign Largest Contract in Chinese League History

Keyon Martin is one of my Favorite players ever. I love my dudes game. I love to see Harder mufuckas do they stuff. haha. It’s the only shit i can relate to. congrats to my boy for signing the largest CBA in history……

Another member of the Nuggets is signing in China, where — sorry, Denver fans — he won’t have an NBA opt-out clause. Via the Denver Post: “Longtime Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin will sign a contract to play with Xingiang Guanghui in the Chinese Basketball Association. Martin’s contract will be the the biggest in CBA history. ‘It’s a great opportunity for him to stay in shape and stay fresh,’ said Andy Miller, Martin’s agent. ‘And it also gives him an opportunity to expand his name globally.’ It’s an exciting career opportunity for Martin, an unrestricted free agent, who won’t have an out-clause in his contract. The CBA ends on Feb. 16, but Martin’s team is talented and could make a playoff run toward the end of March. Wilson Chandler and J.R. Smith, Martin’s Denver teammates, are also playing in China this year.”



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