descriptive essay; “a night’s unsettling”

Mark Anthony Howard

Prof. Angiuanno

English 50


Back to Reality: A Night’s unsettling

Ever Since I was a little kid, I’ve either had very realistic dreams or nightmares!  I always felt that my dreams were in guidance of my actual daily dilemmas, thoughts and concerns, so I really have never shared my dreams with anybody, because I felt them to be highly boring.  But In contrast to these very insightful dreams I would have, I sporadically, but consistently would have these frighteningly realistic nightmares.  I actually remember the first dream I had to be a nightmare. But most recently I had this wild nightmare the night before my essay was due.

This is my dream.  As it starts, I sit behind the register in my clothing store. The register sits facing eastern towards the front of the store, on top of the display counter, right next to my laptop.  Inside the display counter are watches and stickers and all the accessories we carry in the store.  It’s way too late to be open, but I’m a night owl, so I’m chilling listening to Dj quik while we close.  I say “we” because I have this super pretty-faced, sweet-smelling, cutie with huge breasts working for me.  She wearing a little low-cut shirt, gold chain and Holister shorts. So as we close, she asks me “what happened last month.”  I guess I had been trying to move on and forget, but as she asks I remember the whole frightening ass occurrence that went on last week.  

I don’t want to scare miss pretty too much, but I just tell her the truth.  I tell her, “ boo last month was crazy.” As I say this, my dream puts me back into last month’s scene just as a horror movie would, with my conversation with my pretty clerk as the narrative.

 I told her how it was around the same time it is now, it was sprinkling outside as I was closing and somebody knocks on the store window.  I didn’t pay it much attention because the door was still open. But as I’m ready to close, I go to the door anyway and there’s nobody there.  As I look out the door it starts to rain a little harder, so you can smell the dust stirring up in the air. So as I locked at the Front glass door I hear somebody kicking at my back door!  The lights are off in the store, so I can see the entire night scene through my store window and now I’m starting to get an attitude at whoever thinks that kicking at my stuff is cool like that. My pretty little assistance laughs because she knows how I act. So I’m ready to go off on my way to the back door, and I don’t even make it all the way, before I hear two kicks at the front door! (Boom Boom) Somebody is kicking at the outer frame on my front glass door and loudly, (Boom , Boom).  All I have to do is turn around to see there is still nobody there. I tell pretty “ by then I’m scared and nervous like ‘what the fuck is going on.”  Both doors are locked and I’m standing in the middle of the store with only the display cabinet lights on. I feel somebody outside, and I hear somebody outside but I don’t see anything or anybody outside! The only thing I see outside is the rain falling really hard now and as I’m looking out the front I hear “AYE” inside the store and then (boom ,boom, boom) and see the front door’s window rattle and shake from three more kicks at the door frame.

  By now my sexy clerk’s eyes are wide open and she is looking at me like she making up her mind to quit after tonight. But I keep going with my little story anyway and I tell her how I went behind the counter and got the pistol but I still don’t see anybody. I don’t think I’m getting robbed, but I much rather would have been.  I’m just scared like some spiritual kind of scared.  My dream breaks from there as if a scene skipped in a movie and I lose the rhetoric with my clerk and I’m just back in the store by myself.  But as It comes back the scene seems to climax and it starts to rain even harder now and as lightening and thunder booms I hear voices inside the store saying my nickname sharply in a crescendo  grits grits grit grits grits grits . And in a succession I hear a whole series of kicks. (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, BOOM) and my whole front windows breaks, shatters and crashes!

I’m so conditioned to having these type of dreams, I somehow realize I’m dreaming as I’m dreaming, I settle myself and wake up calmly.  Back to reality is my talent, my strength, and my comfort. For some of these nights dreams are extremely unsettling.


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Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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