gritz – how the show go?

yooooooo.  i had my lil show at on Sunday night the pitch series hosted by Steve Lobel.   this is how it went …..

I did my muthafuckin stuff!!!  just like I always do. this rap shit aint hard im hard. and i truly was the hardest muthafucka at the whole show. my beats is killin my demeanor and attitude is such a naturally attractive deliverence. my mic control and  clearity is elite in contrast to the performances i proceed or succeed. and im consistently some of the best lyrical on showcase .

They had a couple nice lady groups but these rappers are so terrible these days and they really not fuckin with me.

but not to hate I notice alot of people have alot of support for the things they do. I see some of the rapppers wit no talent and all kind of support and “fans”.  I mean i just started rapping in feb. so i aint tryna have it pop automatic but why the fuck not.  I try to keep a tight circle but I really aint got no real ones thatll go like  I go. that why I always go by my- muthafuckin-self.

steve lobel was the host of the Pitch series show that I did. aint nobody that performed at the show even know who my g was. Steve been making shit pop since Jam master Jay and shit. So I was the only one with presence of mind to go and introduce myself to the man.  Im sayin that to say that I make the best of oppurtunities for myself but I dont have anybody that would contribute to that strategy and that objective!!  If I could get a crew of muthafuckas that would just play they part I and WEEE could win big.  but truly throughout my life I feel the fuckin void of relatives. I dont feel muthafuckas can relate to the shit im talkin about. I dont feel like muthafuckas can relate to the shit im tryna do. and I dont even feel like mufuckas around me even understand the things that I do.

I had so much of an oppurtunity on sunday night to advance myself into this weak ass fuckin rap game. If I would of had just the support of everybody that was supposed to be there even just in the representation of ticket sales I would have made a strong as case with a Solid muthafucka in the game. Steve Lobel is Nipsey Hussles current Manager and with the right presentation (a crowd) i could hhave made a case to open for nip.

So I go on at 1115 I told everybody that im goin on at 11 I was suppose to be at the club at 945 but i dont get there til 1045 trying to wait on all my lil crew to show up at the shop. the only one to come is my homeboy E that i record with. so i mix my set at the shop burn it and we dip. (late) the homie Ambition, the muthafucka that gave me the slot and great opportunity blowing my phone because im making him look bad now showing up late and shit. but I get there and he ask for his money and tickets. I hand my g back damn near all the tickets he gave me to sale because aint nooooobbbbbody come get the muthafuckas like they said they was and the couple that i got of aint nooobbooddy gave me the money for them smh. so why the fuck would he book me for the next time?  I wouldnt.  So while this is happening they already call me to the dj booth to go on. Its on me E and two girls i invited so i get on stage and Kill it. and really kill it. like i couldnt of did any better of a show the mix that i did before the show was perfect i sped a couple tracks up to give it a club feel and shit was hard. I was on stage like a straight asshole. cocky arrogant and didnt give a fuck. my whole set was hard as fuck and wasnt a fuckin camera on me because i handed my girl the fuckin camera before I left and who knows where the fuck she at with the crew she was suppose to bring.   i couldnt hand my shit off to anybody in that muthafucka and got excellent footage of my shit to show instead of writing this weak ass blog that nobody is gonna read. smh.

but anywasy i go through my whole set hand out cards and flyers while im rapping and shit and its was dope. Im disappoint i aint got no footage but i did my stuff  and steve lobel really enjoyed my last song YOUNG LOVE over that teena marie. so im cool im happy so I get off stage walk around and buy the homie a drink and like three sets of bitches start showing up like 1145 and shit like really bitch i supposed to be happy to see u? if i could of sold the tickets to all the bitches that sold up at 1145 a fuckin hour and half ago I would have had another show in 2weeks and prob. be opening for nip. the homie ambition only gave me 25 tickets for 100 dollars i aint even make the fuckin hundred back with weak ass crew I had.

So then me and e pushin through the club chillin and bitches wanna be all up on me and shit. smh. I really give a fuck about kickin wit bitches at the club that wasnt the point. so the first set mad cause i blow em off and the second set pull up on me I blow they ass off me jsut as fast and they tryna be mad cause my girl came I blew her ass up off me too. a late bitch is a late bitch no exclusions. So i probably lost more fuckin fanz then i made but shit fuck em they aint help me none.

aint none of the homie come tho outside of e. so I got to feelin like fuck everybody for  a minute. but its love Im just g all by myself its hard being such a seclusive mufukka sometimes but i rather keep it 100 by my dolo then fake it wit a gang of busters and fake (late) bitches. Gritz

ps. im cool off showz for a min but im droppin the album feb anyway “SELF employed”  (extra emphasis on SELF)


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Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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