Two Ways Out. Where Will I Be in five years? (english midterm)

this my lil midterm for my english class at rcc. I chose “Where will you be in 5 years?” from a set of prompts and compare and contrast as my rhettorical mode.  check it out let me know what u think.

Mark Anthony Howard

Prof. Angiuano

English 50

Midterm/Compare and Contrast

Two Ways Out. Where Will I Be in five years?

“On the road to riches and diamond rings, real niggaz do real things!” That’s a song I was listening to while I was reading through topic prompts for my midterm essay. The author of that song died at age twenty six. Where will I be in five years? I do not know; I think I’d be grateful to simply be alive. I’ve always been a strong character with a strong and ambitious drive towards business. But in contrast to my great ambition to be wealthy and successful, I’ve always felt I would never live past the age of twenty nine.  I feel like I’m sort of racing against an invisible clock and I hear it ticking fast. So I pursue my business passions with a passion. Where will I be in five years? I’d like to be simply be alive, but in my most positive depiction, I’d liked be in success as a business.

I’ve always been a product of harsh living situations, and even when these situations ease, I feel like I have sharp internal disfunctions as repercussion to these situations. My immediate family has been disfunctional and my extended family has been disfunctional. I feel that a successful business of my own is the resolution to every problem I ever had. As a child I felt a hopeless feeling in the situations I went through, and I think I truly only saw two ways out — my death or my business. I truly could never see myself living past the age of twenty nine, without being extremely successful as a businessman.  “A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke says, “It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die!” I think this a song relates to me emotionally, but I am sincerely not afraid. With me it’s either business or death, and that is honestly my outlook on life. Sometimes, I feel my change may come, and sometimes — I do not.

The way I imagine my business in five years is obviously a complete contrast to being dead. I imagine myself incorporated as Tyrant Business Groupings. Tyrant Business Groupings is a conglomerate of my own business aspirations, with the ultimate goal to enrich the lifestyle and potential lifestyle of all its affiliated youth. The objective of Tyrant is to “Enrich, Educate, Communicate, Influence, and Participate” in the lives of its surrounding area youth on a daily basis. My business groupings, as of now, consist of a batting cage, a recording label, a youth organization, barber shop and a promotional business service. In five years I would like to have developed upon these businesses to the point of half a million dollars net.

The contrast between death and business success is a plain reality for me now, but I see other Black boys face the same daily ultimatum and don’t realize it. The hopelessness and feelings that nothing is for them, is unacceptable to me ; And I am making it my business, to salvage the successful hope in Black youth as a Tyranny. I would like to counter the childhood disparities of my own, and others, by establishing a “Tyranny of Success,” because a solemn, no hope mentality is absolutely unacceptable.

I feel my business is not only my own resolution and lifesaver, but it could very well be the same thing for a lot of young Black men with some of my same hopeless background. I feel that if I am successful as a business man I can simply buy more time. Way too many of young Black men are not even as fortunate to live a life as long as twenty five. A majority of  Black men are truly living a condensed lifetime and expiring way too early. I feel my business is my solution. I feel Black business is the Black solution. And I feel it is the only way out.


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