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Give And Take

Mark Anthony Howard
the consequence for TAKING things is that you might GET IT!!
I always been a PATIENT-FIRST type of guy. I dont rush things I let them materialize at there own pace but once Ive done that and Im unhappy with the process I feel absolutely entitled to Take whatever I feel it is that im owed or deserve. Im too determined and motivated to settle for “shorts.” So in any case whatever I feel I am deserving, isnt given to me at a reasonable or satisfactory pace — ILL just TAKE it! Perspectively I think life is more what you take for yourself than what u make for your self. or maybe both in addition to each other but I definitely believe in a patient-TAKER attitude.


do You know What today Iz…

its our anniversary!

Me and my girlfriend been together for 9 years today. Just wanted to tell her thanks and acknowledge her. We been thru alot. weve had a lot of differnet titles for each other thru 9 years but she always been “mine.” still my closest friend and all. my boo been alot of fun. my deepest appreciation for people comes in respect to there perspective And Ive truly learned so much about life, love, people, women, and myself from this relationship. I used to tell cynthia the deepest feeling I ever had was her. and it still is– in addition to my son. Ive always had family issues growing up. but Our family is the exact contrast were all in love with each other and take turns being considerate.   I love who we are , and I love what weve been, Its dope to reach such a milestone of consistantcy. And I feel like thats what cindy has been for me. through all my ups and downs ins and outs Cindy been my only constant and I appreciate that. I wouldnt trade my boo for nothing. I love u momma. Gritty



Mark Anthony Howard (Self Exclaimed)

This week has been one of the best weeks I’ve ever had as far as my mental clarity and positive perspective. I believe Ive reacheed some type of pinnacle in my way of thinking and have POSITIVELY figured what it is to be Mark Anthony Howard. so let me tell you who he is….

Mark Anthony Howard is struggled young business entreprenuer by way of Riverside City California. I grew up In Fontana California and work as a newspaper courier for his first job; At the age of 14 In the City of RiTyrant of Willverside.   This were I would develop a deep self sufficiency and work ethic. I worked this job all through highschool supporting a family and a mentally ill mother Marion Howard…. (skip to page 70 lol)

The struggles in my adolescent home would set the next stage for struggles as troubled young adulthood. I often struggled with : SELF WORTH. Love, Hate, respect for women, respect itself, GOD, humility, arrogance, Ive struggled with a sexual appetite, WILD impulses, Violent Impulses and with a lack of Reverence for LIFE itself.  Through all of these I feel I struggled by myself. (even when I wasnt). My main struggle, however, was with myself!  I struggled with my self to find a resolve. and at 27 years old and after 10 years of SELF REHABilitation. Eureka!! Mark Howard!

this is what Ive created of Mark Howard……

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reBlog. from my guy “Steve Hutchinson”

10 Rules For Developing A World Record Breaking Mentality!

by on November 14, 2011 in Philosophy

Growing up on the Judo mats and doing up to 600 sit-ups a night, I was familiar with self-imposed pain. By age 17, after dropping out of football because I was too small and weak. I started lifting weights to reverse my pathetic condition and in the process gained forty to fifty pounds of muscle in the next eight months. After graduating high school, I set several world records in power-lifting by lifting 523 lbs in the squat and 562 lbs in the dead lift at a body-weight of 180 lbs. I was featured on the television series, PM Magazine, where host Steve Doocy (now co-host of Fox and Friends on Fox News Channel) On the show, Steve Doocy dubbed me, “The Kid of Steel.”

The records have long been eclipsed, but the process remains firmly entrenched in my mind and is available for anything I truly decide I want! I have since used my “Drive A Stake Into It” approach to win in situations that may have been truly over my head if not for my attitude!

Rule 1: Do A Gut Check To Make Sure You Want To Go All In

Don’t play games with yourself. Be sure you have looked at all the cause and effect relationships that will be impacted if you go for it. For instance if your goal is to burn fat and get in top condition, that may or may not jive well with someone else in your life who may be insecure about your change. You still may proceed, just ask yourself first: What consequences Read the rest of this entry


Ive been cutting Hair for about 8and a half years now. I’ve been exceptional for a long time but my cutz have recently reach a whole new  level with the introduction to my own new Shop In Riverside. I ask that everyone please come support on Wednesdayz at my new location in The Riverside Plaza inside of Humidor Clothing Boutique in RIverside California.  All haircuts will be $15 dollars all day Wednesday for a limited time by appointment only.    give me a call 909.749.3334 .

Ive really become serious about my haircut ability and business. Catch me at the shop all around the clock – The Gritz

definitive essay – “Leadership”

my last essay i wrote for my english class. feel free to make edits for me. lol. i need em.

Mark Anthony Howard in a definitive rhettorical mode on Leadership

English 50



If you were to ask ten people to define Leadership, you will likely hear ten different answers. For this reason, leadership can be a wide array of things, with many different types and levels. Leadership can be a talent, or a developed exercise. But the main idea of Leadership is the ability to obtain followers. So Leadership in all its illusiveness is simply one’s ability to influence; Basically, one’s ability to influence his followers.

Everybody at one time or another is influenced by, and influential to, someone.  

Parents influence children; teachers influence students, and managers influence employees. In these examples parents, teachers, and managers, become leaders. Each leader has a responsibility to his follower. A leader’s leadership capabilities depend highly upon his acknowledgement and acceptance of responsibility to his followers. Good leadership acknowledges a responsibility, display distinct characteristics.

            Leadership qualities are what actually make a leader influential. Integrity, magnanimity, humility, dedication, transparency, creativity, assertiveness, and humor are all traits of leadership that determine the ability of a leader. 

            Leadership is not just complete by simply holding a position of leadership, but the ability to lead others towards an objective. Leaders that wish to be he leaders based on entitlement are truly not the leaders they think they are. True leaders are chosen and true leadership is of earned.

Whether in business, church, school or just life we all are chosen to be leaders at one time or another. Our leadership capabilities and influence are the things that will keep us in that position. We must all grow our skills as leaders in order to be successful in our ambitions.

good Ol’ Abe

Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.
Abraham Lincoln

My “lil Gramps” Marinell T. Ludd ; Obiturary

Mother Marinell T. Ludd was born on March 30th, 1915, the first of three children and the only daughter born to Everleaner Nickerson and the late Reverend Larry Taft Thomas in Stonewall, Louisiana. Her brothers’ the late Reverend Oliver Thomas and Reverend AD Thomas preceded her in death.

The Family moved to Shreveport, Louisiana in 1921 where Marinell accepted Jesus Christ as her savior at the age of nine and was baptized at Evergreen Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Reverend J.E. Evans. She received her formal education in Shreveport at West End Elementary, Central Colored High School, and De Soto Parrish Training School. After graduation From De Soto she taught school in the Parish.

Marinell was joined in holy Matrimony to the love of her life Arthur Ludd, Jr. July, 21, 1935, who she affectionately called “Honey”. To this union seven children were born. One child, Arthur III, preceded her in death. In 1940 she and “honey” moved their family to Pasadena, California. “Honey” word as a full time gardener while she did “day work”, but she insisted that she have Saturdays and Sundays off for her family and her Lord/ Their home was open to all Many of Shreveport’s migrants can and stayed with “Honey” and “Nell” as she was fondly referred to.

“Honey” and Nell Joined Metropolitan Baptist church under the leadership of the late Reverend S. m. Malone. Marinell moved her membership to friendship during Vacation bible school. There she served as a Sunday School Teacher, Choir member Director of The Young Peoples Department, President of The Missionary Union, Church Trustee and Usher Board member and as the “Welcoming” Clerk.

Marinell served as Tri County District Association’s Director of the Youth Department and later as 1st Vice President of Women’s Auxiliary of the Tri County. She served as1st Vice President and President of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Western Baptist State Convention, as well as, serving 29 years as girls vice Principal of Western Baptist Summer Camp at Thousand Pines.

During her children’s school years, Marinell was president of the parent Teacher Association at Garfield and Lincoln Elementary Schools and Blair High School. . She was actively engaged in Many Pasadena community, civic, and church organizations. She presided as President of Church Women United and Altadena. Pasadena Community Center. She Holds and Honorary Life membership in California Parent Teacher Association as well as withe the Nation Baptist Convention.

As life got better, Marinell and Honey” traveled throughout Europe and the United States. They regularly took their children the the South, Yosemite National Park, and the magnificent beaches up and down the coast of California.

Marinell received an AA degree for Pasadena City College and later attended Pacific Oaks College. She retired as a Pre-School teacher from Pasadena Unified School District in 1979.

 On Thursday, October 20 2011 at 7; 00 a. m. Marinell went home to be with the Lord. She leaves to cherish her memory her children, Dr. Dorothy Mari Lloyd, Mary Evelyn James, Alphia smatha “Louise” Howard, Charles Anthony Ludd(linda0, Leo Jerome Ludd (Lilja), and Regina Gay Ludd eleven grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren , nine great-great grandchildren; Two adopted sons, Virgil T :ted” James and Calvin W. Jackson; one brother in law, four sisters in law and a host of cousins, nephews, nieces, and friends. she is preceded in death by her beloved “honey” her eldest son, Arthur III, two brothers three sons in law, three sisters in law, and a host of lifelong friends.

Mother Ludd, “Daughter”, “Nell”, “MT”, “Aunt May”, “lil Gramps”, Lil Mama” “sis” as she was affectionately known, had a passion for her family, church, friends and God’s precious flowers. She touched many lives in a Godly and compassionate way during her 96 plus years. she holds an eternal place in the hearts of many.

Well done Thy Good and Faithful Servant

Matthew 25;21



Journal Entryz #02

Im just up Erykah Badu – Window seat on repeat all day. This is truly how I feel.

push play then read my shit as the song play.

I fucked up the otherday. and I mean truly fucked up. I felt it coming too. I was trying to ignore it because I dont know how to address it without sounding crazy ass fuck. so instead Ill just go ahead and act crazy. smh. I feel so fuckin selfish for jeopardizing the comfort of my girl and my baby. I feel like a liability to them as much as I am I asset. Im trying so hard to straighten myself completely out before my son can recognize or have to deal with any reprecussion from the obvious faults I have. Im reading, talking, and consulting of self helps in order to in keep a positive state of mind towards progress. but Im fighting so much anxiety inside myself. I just wanna fuck shit literally and figuretively. Im a very strong personality and I feel I repress alot of it in order to “Maintain”. I cant kill the wildboy in me. Its always there. and then the more i try to ignore it the more I hate myself and criticize myself for the “maintaining”im doing. I cant get it right. I keep fuckin up. and I hate it. I felt like my bike was an excellent outlet for me momentary. but “Wild” is not a contained such. Wild is OUTSIDE and BEYOND boundarie. so the I cant believe How far I took it with the bike the other day. but on the other hand I can. It wasnt outside of me. It was truly what I’ve been repressing inside of me. and I fucked up and jeopardized all the shit I been “maintaining” for the last year. My bike is gone. My freedom is jeopardize me and my girl spot is jeopardized, my son’s comfort and consistancy is jeopardized because of my inconsistancy. I fuckin hate it.
I feel I lacked discipline of a structured home. and I raised myself with only failures as lessons of discipline. so I truly dont understand how far “Out-of-bounds” I am until Ive crashed or fell on my ass. Hard head make a soft ass I guess… Im fuckin a Helmet head. I honestly dont fear any reprecussion or consequence so that is not a deference for me. The only thing that is keeping my contained inside of myself is my son. Im trying so hard to be here and keep a consitancy for my son. but its soooo unnatural for me. I truly cant sit still sometimes. If u dont know me by know. This is what I live and Die by. I do what I want when I want and How I wanna do it. The shit makes me and the shit breaks me. and it really broke my ass this week. Im broken. Im broken. I dont know if I can fix myself to many more times.

I drive hard and I crash hard. I just grew up used to crashing. smh. Im just now figuring out thats how I used to gauge myself is how fast or hard I can crash and still pick myself. well I think im crossing the lined and I dont need to prove that shit to myself anymore I would like to excercise my strength in prevention.

Under GOD this be my last Crash as a WILDBOY. mistakes are given but WIld ass breakouts gotta stop.

“Baby-On-Board” as I said I dont really even give of fuck of any reprecussion for myself. which is alot of fault for my shorts. but Im starting to get better of recognizing the reprecussions of my selfishness and wild recklessness and carelessness for my family. and that shit I truly do care about. And Im so sorry for what Ive done Past present to jeopardize there comfort and well being. My loose reverence for things may be my own but its consequence is truly not and take hard ass fall to make me reconsider my arrogance, but all I been thinking about yesterday and today is the reevaluation of myself.
and I dont have any choose but to pick up the pieces and keep growing and learning myself. I Love the person I am but Im a fuckin mess. and I aint evne dont even like to clean up smh. but I believe its absolutely necessary and I pray to my God YahWah aloud and beg his favor and support because Im truly too much a mess to clean without a devine organization.
So this sunday Ima take my ass to a Study and take my family on a lil train ride and think about a organization plan for my “Wild-Boy Rehabilitation” effort. So can I get a “window seat”

calmasa negro!

i talk alot of selfishness but I pray to God I dont ever again jeopardize the provisions that he has made for me and my family with my wild inclinations and Selfish instances. Amen #growUp#wildBoy

a little; about “Dj Gritz”

this is a blog borrowed from the musical artist page of dj Gritz. we ask that you visit this page and become familiar with its contents as well thank you.

about Dj Gritz

My name is Mark Anthony Howard. my business and nickname is ”Grits” Im a 26 year old black american entrepreneur by way of Riverside C.A. Im in my second semester as Student/ Athlete at RIverside Community College studying Business Administration with a concentration in management. I have Two year old Son (Na’Sham Anthony Howard) whom I had with my bestfriend C.C. I have been self employed as a CA licensed barber for 5 years and as a Deejay since i was 16. (Deejay Gritz) Im heavily focused on establishing myself as a young empire through the cultivation of my business Aspirations. I am currently speaking to investors in the funding stage of my batting cage, “The Hitters Count.” and I have business planned to open within a year to 2 years in February. As of This February I am in FULL Motion of Self Constructing my own record label TYRANT LABEL RECORDINGS, a True Independent,Riverside CA sole proprietorship. And releasing my first musical project “Self Employed” as the first Artist on my own Label (The Gritz)

The Gritz/ Dj Gritz

I would like to classify myself as 2 seperate entities between my Production and my Recording. I would like to Rap Under the name “The Gritz” and Produce under the name “Dj Gritz”.

The Gritz

Im just a very Hard, Wide, and Deep Perspective of a Man. I think my perspective is what sets me completely apart from any such relative. My musik is very demonstrative, and progressive. I believe I promote the Ideal of SELF and the awareness of it thoroughly and I intend to stamp it as my Niche. My first album “Self Employed” is my baby!! this album symbolizes to me my emancipation of MY SELF. I love this album so much and it is so dear to my spirit, because it is my spirit and my spirits first voicing!!! Ive always been such a reserve and internal person. Anybody that knows me… knows that… but I believe this is my first offering of MYSElF in full documentation over the beats that completely epitomize my Style and My Soul. This CD is were Im at and WHere I Been. and the commencement upon the Journey towards where I wanna Go!!! please Listen to my Heart and buy My SElF EMPLOYED album next Spring.

Self Employed by DeeJay Gritz