a little; about “Dj Gritz”

this is a blog borrowed from the musical artist page of dj Gritz. we ask that you visit this page and become familiar with its contents as well thank you. http://theGritz.Blogspot.com

about Dj Gritz

My name is Mark Anthony Howard. my business and nickname is ”Grits” Im a 26 year old black american entrepreneur by way of Riverside C.A. Im in my second semester as Student/ Athlete at RIverside Community College studying Business Administration with a concentration in management. I have Two year old Son (Na’Sham Anthony Howard) whom I had with my bestfriend C.C. I have been self employed as a CA licensed barber for 5 years and as a Deejay since i was 16. (Deejay Gritz) Im heavily focused on establishing myself as a young empire through the cultivation of my business Aspirations. I am currently speaking to investors in the funding stage of my batting cage, “The Hitters Count.” and I have business planned to open within a year to 2 years in February. As of This February I am in FULL Motion of Self Constructing my own record label TYRANT LABEL RECORDINGS, a True Independent,Riverside CA sole proprietorship. And releasing my first musical project “Self Employed” as the first Artist on my own Label (The Gritz)

The Gritz/ Dj Gritz

I would like to classify myself as 2 seperate entities between my Production and my Recording. I would like to Rap Under the name “The Gritz” and Produce under the name “Dj Gritz”.

The Gritz

Im just a very Hard, Wide, and Deep Perspective of a Man. I think my perspective is what sets me completely apart from any such relative. My musik is very demonstrative, and progressive. I believe I promote the Ideal of SELF and the awareness of it thoroughly and I intend to stamp it as my Niche. My first album “Self Employed” is my baby!! this album symbolizes to me my emancipation of MY SELF. I love this album so much and it is so dear to my spirit, because it is my spirit and my spirits first voicing!!! Ive always been such a reserve and internal person. Anybody that knows me… knows that… but I believe this is my first offering of MYSElF in full documentation over the beats that completely epitomize my Style and My Soul. This CD is were Im at and WHere I Been. and the commencement upon the Journey towards where I wanna Go!!! please Listen to my Heart and buy My SElF EMPLOYED album next Spring.

Self Employed by DeeJay Gritz


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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