definitive essay – “Leadership”

my last essay i wrote for my english class. feel free to make edits for me. lol. i need em.

Mark Anthony Howard in a definitive rhettorical mode on Leadership

English 50



If you were to ask ten people to define Leadership, you will likely hear ten different answers. For this reason, leadership can be a wide array of things, with many different types and levels. Leadership can be a talent, or a developed exercise. But the main idea of Leadership is the ability to obtain followers. So Leadership in all its illusiveness is simply one’s ability to influence; Basically, one’s ability to influence his followers.

Everybody at one time or another is influenced by, and influential to, someone.  

Parents influence children; teachers influence students, and managers influence employees. In these examples parents, teachers, and managers, become leaders. Each leader has a responsibility to his follower. A leader’s leadership capabilities depend highly upon his acknowledgement and acceptance of responsibility to his followers. Good leadership acknowledges a responsibility, display distinct characteristics.

            Leadership qualities are what actually make a leader influential. Integrity, magnanimity, humility, dedication, transparency, creativity, assertiveness, and humor are all traits of leadership that determine the ability of a leader. 

            Leadership is not just complete by simply holding a position of leadership, but the ability to lead others towards an objective. Leaders that wish to be he leaders based on entitlement are truly not the leaders they think they are. True leaders are chosen and true leadership is of earned.

Whether in business, church, school or just life we all are chosen to be leaders at one time or another. Our leadership capabilities and influence are the things that will keep us in that position. We must all grow our skills as leaders in order to be successful in our ambitions.


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