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10 Rules For Developing A World Record Breaking Mentality!

by on November 14, 2011 in Philosophy

Growing up on the Judo mats and doing up to 600 sit-ups a night, I was familiar with self-imposed pain. By age 17, after dropping out of football because I was too small and weak. I started lifting weights to reverse my pathetic condition and in the process gained forty to fifty pounds of muscle in the next eight months. After graduating high school, I set several world records in power-lifting by lifting 523 lbs in the squat and 562 lbs in the dead lift at a body-weight of 180 lbs. I was featured on the television series, PM Magazine, where host Steve Doocy (now co-host of Fox and Friends on Fox News Channel) On the show, Steve Doocy dubbed me, “The Kid of Steel.”

The records have long been eclipsed, but the process remains firmly entrenched in my mind and is available for anything I truly decide I want! I have since used my “Drive A Stake Into It” approach to win in situations that may have been truly over my head if not for my attitude!

Rule 1: Do A Gut Check To Make Sure You Want To Go All In

Don’t play games with yourself. Be sure you have looked at all the cause and effect relationships that will be impacted if you go for it. For instance if your goal is to burn fat and get in top condition, that may or may not jive well with someone else in your life who may be insecure about your change. You still may proceed, just ask yourself first: What consequences am I pretending not to see?  Make sure the runway is clear before punching it!

Rule 2: Let Your Objective Fully Overtake Your Being

You must let go of the probabilities of your objective and let yourself fall into that scary ambiguous place where the outcome is not yet real and the only thread tying you to the outcome is your mental approach. If your attempting something special,  you don’t have room for ANYTHING else!

Rule 3: Act As If It Is Impossible To Fail

We all have period of second guessing, especially when our progress has stalled or is going the wrong way.  This attitude is not for bragging to others, but the type of conversation you need to be having with yourself when deciding to hide under the covers because it is raining. You MUST follow your plan because you are going to accomplish this objective.

Rule 4: Limit Your Input From Others – Have The Courage Of Your Convictions

When I was training for the national championships in power-lifting, I started getting a lot of unsolicited and conflicting training advice from lifters with much more experience who felt that my unorthodox approach of training almost exclusively with heavy single repetitions would lead to burn-out and injury. I placed a long-distance call one day to Mike Bridges who at the time was pound for pound the best powerlifter on the planet with over 23 world records himself. I told him I was getting confused and he gave me some of the best advise I have ever received from anyone, “do what works for you and ignore what others say and YOU will be the one setting the world records not them.” Whenever anyone starts telling me that what I am doing will not work or that I am doing it all wrong, I can still hear that phone conversation with Mike.

Rule 5: Use The “Just A Little Bit More” Principle

Small changes are how it has always been done – progress in nature and in achievement of your objectives is very evolutionary,  as Darwin would put it:
“daily and hourly scrutinizing, throughout the world, the slightest variations; rejecting those that are bad, preserving and adding up all that are good; silently and insensibly working, whenever and wherever opportunity offers.” Always figure out how to make the next little bit of progress and allow the incremental process to win at the end of the day.

Rule 6: Don’t Blur The Edges

If your training at 6 p.m. – be there at 5:45 and get ready. If your committed to writing a book, sit down and start writing, it won’t happen any other way. Let the motivation follow your physical action, not the other way around. When the edges get blurred, we allow our selves to start making all sorts of micro decisions that lead to dropping out of the hunt for our big objective. When I was training for my events, I skipped family vacations because it would mean missing a single workout. Nothing can interfere with your effort!

Rule 7: Breaking A World Record Is Unreasonable And To Do It, You Need To Be Unreasonable As Well

Trying to do anything to it’s most extreme is not a reasonable activity. Don’t spend time trying to convince others that your acting rationally. Sometimes we need to push the envelope to gain perspective and figure ourselves out. Don’t worry, your friends will still be your friends when all the dust settles.

Rule 8: Drive A Stake Into It

This rule is the true warrior mentality. Some people naturally have that killer instinct more embedded than others, but we all have it to a degree. With each accomplishment in your life, you build on your previous experiences and develop a feel for when you can with both hand overhead throw all your weight into your target and make the kill!

Rule 9: All Records Are Made To Be Broken, Personal, Business And Athletic

Don’t take it too serious. Regardless of how many records you break or how much you accomplish at the end of the day, its just a game and all the pieces go back into the box together. Have fun, but keep some perspective for the end of the day. People 1st, Who you become 2nd, and What you accomplish 3rd.

Rule 10: What You Become By Breaking A Record Is More Important Than What You Get

The most important thing that I learned at age 17 is that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to, if I’m willing to pay whatever price is required. It’s basically my job in life to figure out what I want and figure out the price in terms of time, money, commitment. Ultimately any objective resides at the end of a process and a series of procedures that you define. As Jay Gould the great Robber Barron said: “We must look at accomplishing big things in big ways. The procedure, gentlemen! The procedure! We need not hesitate about dimensions.”


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