Mark Anthony Howard (Self Exclaimed)

This week has been one of the best weeks I’ve ever had as far as my mental clarity and positive perspective. I believe Ive reacheed some type of pinnacle in my way of thinking and have POSITIVELY figured what it is to be Mark Anthony Howard. so let me tell you who he is….

Mark Anthony Howard is struggled young business entreprenuer by way of Riverside City California. I grew up In Fontana California and work as a newspaper courier for his first job; At the age of 14 In the City of RiTyrant of Willverside.   This were I would develop a deep self sufficiency and work ethic. I worked this job all through highschool supporting a family and a mentally ill mother Marion Howard…. (skip to page 70 lol)

The struggles in my adolescent home would set the next stage for struggles as troubled young adulthood. I often struggled with : SELF WORTH. Love, Hate, respect for women, respect itself, GOD, humility, arrogance, Ive struggled with a sexual appetite, WILD impulses, Violent Impulses and with a lack of Reverence for LIFE itself.  Through all of these I feel I struggled by myself. (even when I wasnt). My main struggle, however, was with myself!  I struggled with my self to find a resolve. and at 27 years old and after 10 years of SELF REHABilitation. Eureka!! Mark Howard!

this is what Ive created of Mark Howard……

I feel the point that I am now is a complete comfort with Mark Howard as a person. Ive rehabilitated myself (with the guidance of my god) to the point of Immunity. Ive developed a mental balance of myself that is un-shakable by financial status, social status, highs, lows, death, or TROUBLE. Ive developed such a steady and consistant pace of progression inside myself, that Ive grown a humorous disregard to things that would disrupt it.

Im so in Love with MYSELF and the progression of mind that Ive developed. Ive developed a process of making every weakness I have into an absolute strength. the illusiveness of my Mark Anthony Howard "GRey Boy"personality enables me to constantly maneuver around obstacles as water does; And I LOVe it. Life has never been fun for me. but Now-a-dayz I wake up everyday with some type of sinister humor. Shit is all funny to me, because I win in the end. I feel like im cheating a test; I have all the answers and cant get caught because its all in my mind. I feel I have an advantage on life and no matter what happens It cant beat me. theres to much of me to beat. Im too wide a personality to be secluded into any narrow limit of prejudice. My qualifications allow me to counter any disqualification. I am a young master of the Balance that Ive been praying for.  I own it in my mind, I own it in myself and It cannot be disrupted outside of me.

Ive aligned my will with GODs abignlilgritsnd ask that his be of mine — and such is the case. How wide is my boundary — with only God calling my bounds. How strong is my will, when only my God’s is to supercede it.  These are examples of my figuretive, but I literally fear nothing but God. If this make me a threat to anyone short of him, so be it. I’ve suppress myself in the day of my insecurities; I refuse to do such in my confidence.  This is who I now. I am All of me. I am a balance of Mark Anthony Howard (all of him). I am dangerous, I am Wild, I am Hard, I am arrogant, I am cunning, I am persuasive, but all in a moderative balance of eaches contrast. Because I am Smart, I am Reserve, I am discerning and considerate. And thats who I am. A moderatively progressive balance of all of my contradictions! Im a good person even when Im bad. I am righteous person even when absolutely wrong. I am confident even in my insecurities because I’ve made my weakness my strengths.  Im confident I will fall again in further testing of my balance but I am confident even in my fall– that I will fall to my strong side and recover with greater balance than I’ve ever had once more.

Mark Anthony HowardA Tyrant of Will is my favorite Ideal. My name Is Mark Anthony Howard. I am self exclaimed, Ideally and under God,  As A TYRANT of will. ANd I LOVE IT!!! haha. thanks for reading. A Tyrant of Will book series is coming soon as I am working on my first book The Principles of A Black Man.

I would like to thank all who’s conversations and perspective have guided me through my negativity into such a positive outlook. Especially recently. I praise YahweH everyday in his sons name amen.


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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  1. kelvin Moore

    Awesome !,,

  2. Really enjoyed this mark!

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