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Jeezy drops “Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition” does 233,000

After numerous delays Young Jeezy’s fourth studio album, Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, was released on

December 20. With final numbers counted the album moved 233,000 units. Good enough to place 3rd on the Billboard 200 chart.

Adele’s 21 shows no sign of slowing down. The album placed No. 2 on the charts with it’s biggest sales week yet, moving 399,000 copies to push it’s 2011 total to 5.68 million according to Billboard.

Michael Buble’s Christmas album claimed the top spot on the charts, selling 467,000 copies.

Common’s The Dreamer/The Believer sold 69,000 units, landing at the No. 18 spot.



Bears receiver Sam Hurd posted bail!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_485/image.jpg

Bears receiver Sam Hurd posted $100,000 bail Friday evening and was released from federal custody on charges he tried to buy giant amounts of drugs to distribute in the Chicago area.

And by the time he did, he wasn’t a Bear anymore: The team announced earlier Friday it was cutting him.

And while the Bears maintained they found no red flags before signing him as a free agent over the summer, Hurd’s attorney sought to stress that his client never gave or sold any drugs to any NFL colleagues.

As Bears staffers looked on Friday afternoon in federal court in Chicago, Judge Young B. Kim explained to Hurd the conditions of his release, including putting up the $100,000 cash bail, surrendering his passport and not gambling, getting drunk or keeping guns.

Hurd, 26, faces charges he intended to conspire to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine, which carries penalties of up to 40 years in prison and up to a $5 million fine.

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My Favorite cousin ~ Shelly Douglas

On my popz side of my fam my absolutely favorite cousin is My cousin Shelly.  Its hard to explain how deep an admiration I have towards her, her family, and her outlook on things. She is so Loving, So understanding, and so considerate. I love to hear anything that comes out of her mouth because its always the most pleasant, realistic and sincere conversation Read the rest of this entry

The Word of the day is “DisDain”


The feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect; contempt.

ex. “Mark Howard’s disdain for authority is ridiculously blatant and obnoxious.”   —-SBCounty District Attorney lol

Consider to be unworthy of one’s consideration.
noun.  contempt – scorn – disregard
verb.  despise – scorn – contemn – slight – misprize – disregard

some More of “MYSelf”

i should be writing alot more and covering a lot more topics, but the objective of this blog is solely to express MYSELF as I feel and when I feel. I am very interested in learning to convey myself positively, but my aspiration to express the complete ME supersedes all. I love to strive towards my goals and accomplish things, but I truly underestimate how much I dont Give a Fuck. At times I am truly “rude-awoken” by my disdain  for anything outside of myself. Im truly built different in my polarities.  I am highly motivated as a person with endless talent and potential, But at times I don’t even care to do good or anything that good consist of. I just wanna be me. Read the rest of this entry

Riverside Rap Artist – “The Gritz” part.2

The Dj Gritz official site
The Gritz or Dj Gritz is Young business entrepreneur and Barber out of Riverside CA with a strong ambition and musical talent. The Gritz Growth as an artist is evident in each recording. His Conveyance of Clever substance is un – matched by surrounding area artist. The Gritz is a Strong Perspective of Progressive Balance and commitment to SELF. Self Produced, Self Employed, and Self Proclaimed, The Gritz is one the most Realistic recording artist in the Inland Area. His articulate vocals over hardest of new WestCoast beats are catchy, insightful and enjoyable for his listening audience.

Tyrant Business Management and Promotional Marketing Service

“Tyrant Business Management and Promotional Marketing Services”

Mission Statement:  “Tyrant will absolutely increase the awareness of your business”

We simply would LOVE to grow our clients business. We would Like to represent our Clients to the full of there potential.  By introducing the presence of our clients New business  to our Networking community we will firmly establish an awareness of that business in a compatible Target Market.

We believe our Promotional Marketing service  “IN THE STREETS” approach is the most effective marketing. We a very hands-on, assertive, and  pro-active in sewing of our business community. We specialize in an individualized marketing we call the “One on One.”  The “One on One” is an occurrence  where  Our clients business has the exclusive attention of a potential customer and vice versa with the potential customer having the exclusive attention our clients business. Our Goal in promotion at TBMPMS is to maximize this essential occurence. We believe In Series of “One on One” we will NEVER LOSE.

Effective immediately, Tyrant Business will absolutely increase the awareness of your business. We will absolutely maximize your companies exposure. Our Social network services are thoroughly effective and precise. We firmly establish our clients with an effective internet presence . We set up and Manage our clients with a collective social network base that will absolutely generate and fulfill business inquires.

On top of set up and management, Our social network promotional activity is unmatched. We are relentless and thorough in our clients promotion. With Tweets, individualized tweets, Follower Direct messages, FB pages, FB  shares, FB Groups,  Fb messages, Blogs ,blog post, Blog shares, Websites, web-links ,web-link shares voice-messages, emails, audio recorded commercials, visual commercials, flyers, and photo editing , your brand will be represented at its fullest capacity.

currently in progression….

Annual “JG” Holiday Baseball Camp

Annual “JG” Holiday Baseball Camp

JG holiday baseball camp is a annual camp hosted by James JG Guerrero. The camp is motivated by James aspirations to give back to baseball’s youth. Three days of instruction are held in fielding, hitting, and fundamentals of quality baseball.

The camp is directed by a staff of current and former professional coaches,scouts, and ball players from minor leagues such as: Greg Burn. James R. Matt Williams ( Tiger), and James “JG” Guerrero (Marlins/Rockies) to Major league players such as Tony Gwynn Jr (Dodgers). and Jesse Chavez(Giants).

JG Holiday Baseball Camp is great place to get a jump on your child’s baseball career. “Talent Is Never Enough” is the theme of our camp and one of the baseball perspectives taught that set our campers apart from their recreational opponents. Campers learn the mental game, increase baseball IQ, and learn the proper mechanics taught by professional ball clubs.

The Holiday Camp is 3 days of fun and applicable instruction that may lay the foundation for your campers Baseball Career. See you soon.

“Talent Is Never Enough” /

The Best Barber

my best customer Kevin wrote a dope ass blog about my lil shop on his promotional site for his clothing line . check it out.

The Best Barber

Every other Wednesday, for the past couple of months, I’ve been driving 40 miles to the East into Riverside for a haircut. Haircut day used to mean that for a week I would have one of those awkward new haircut looks going. But thanks to Gritz over at the Cold Cutz Pop-Up Shop in the Humidor Boutique, that’s all changed.

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Tyrant Youth Organization – Organization Summary

Tyrant Youth Organization

Organization Summary

Tyrant Youth Organization is a nonprofit agency providing guidance and mentoring programs for troubled youth in the Greater Riverside/Inland Empire area.  The program will form partnerships with local school districts, the juvenile court system, armed forces, sports programs, and business training programs.

Tyrant Youth Organization offers youth, that have already been identified as at-risk, an opportunity to work with a caring mentor to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future. The long-term goal of TYO is to empower the young person to break the habits that are leading to trouble in school and in the streets, and develop alternative perspectives that will allow our youth to be successful.

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It’s a Wonderful Life Critique

Mark Anthony Howard

Professor Gourley

Intro to Theatre


It’s a Wonderful Life Critique

It’s a wonderful life was is a Christmas playwright by Wayne Scott based on the movie “It’s a wonderful life” The Play was held at Life house Theatre in Redlands California. This was a very good play to me. My experience at the of this theatre play was definitely a positive one. In contrast to my first play experience this was definitely a step down in budget but not in quality of acting and cast enthusiasm.  I was able to appreciate the contrast between a professional play with highly attributed actors and an amateur play with very enthusiastic, aspiring young actors. I believe that by attending a previous play and actually studying theatre enabled me to appreciate the quality of this production. I also watched the actual movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” that the play was based upon. Watching the movie in succession to attending the play really help me to fully appreciate the effort that entire cast brought to the play. The contrast between the movie and play was dead on. The script was pretty much exact and the acting was just as good as the cast in the original movie.

The play was also different from the first play I attended by the size of the cast. The cast of “What My husband Doesn’t Know” consist of about 10 characters. The Cast of It’s a Wonderful Life consist of about 45 characters! In this play there were scenes where 15-20 characters on stage at the same time. In this play some actors even played multiple roles. Some of the supporting characters were also extras in scenes that required background bodies.  Such as the Town scenes and bar scenes.  George was the man character of the play( played by Jonathan Bushey). Bushey did a great job.  George was my favorite character in the play. I was able to identify with his disappointment and delight in his triumph. I really enjoyed his sense of humor and his stern defiance of The towns Tyrant Mr. Potter. Mr. Potter was my second favorite character, played by Steve Sloan. These too characters made up for the best acting in the play. The Hero and the antagonist roles were highly effective and I believe truly set the tone for play. The play was truly dependent on the level of performance by these two characters and they did an excellent job.

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Theatre Production Critique – What My Husband Doesn’t Know

my lil term paper I wrote for my online theatre class on the David E Talbert play What My Husband Doesnt know with Morris Chestnut and Michelle Williams. tell me what u think

Mark Anthony Howard
Prof. Gourley
Into to Theatre

Production Critique; What My Husband Doesn’t Know

My production critique of a theatre play was based on the script What My Husband doesn’t know by playwright David e Talbert. The play was in was held at the San Diego. This was my actually my first attendance to a theatre play as an adult and I found it was a very enjoyable play. I believe the chapters in our books reading (chapters 2 and 3 ) really gave me the proper preparation as far as expectations of good theatre. Through preparation in the book I felt as I was a distinguished attendee in the plays particular audience. The books reading also really enabled me to enjoy the experience of the play on a deeper level than I would have without such reading. I was able to identify the play type, critique the entirety of the play, and I believe I was able to follow along with the developments in the play much better. I understood the structure, and I even found the play deeply inspiring. I am a very ambitious person, and I truly feel that I would love to right scripts as a playwright. So even as this was my first theatre experience I imagined myself as the playwright for this very play.

There only a total 9 characters in the play. Paul- a plumber falls in love with the lady of the house “Lena” the neglected young housewife of the much older husband “Franklin” who is a very busy businessman who later realizes the importance of quality time with his wife in his home after her affair and dilemma with Paul. The characters agenda’s where developed thoroughly in the script. I really felt I understood the full of each character as well as the motives, the perspective, and I thought the playwright was excellent in this area. Paul the hero of Act 1 became the Antagonist of Act 2. Paul was a tall, handsome, charming character and caused the women in the audience to screaming, cheer and whistling every time he walked on to the stage. I found that amusing and imagined myself as capable of playing that character as well.

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Riverside City Recording Artist and Dj “The Gritz”

The Gritz or Dj Gritz is Young business entrepreneur out of Riverside CA with a strong ambition and musical talent. The Gritz Growth as an artist is evident in each recording. His Conveyance of Clever  substance is un – matched by surrounding area artist. The Gritz is a Strong Perspective of Progressive Balance and commitment to SELF.  Self Produced, Self Employed, and Self Proclaimed, The Gritz is one the most Realistic recording artist in the Inland Area. His articulate vocals over hardest of new WestCoast beats are catchy, insightful and enjoyable for his listening artist.

Please Become Familiar with The Gritz on this site and his official artist blog and “like” our Gritz company facebook page at
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