Annual “JG” Holiday Baseball Camp

Annual “JG” Holiday Baseball Camp

JG holiday baseball camp is a annual camp hosted by James JG Guerrero. The camp is motivated by James aspirations to give back to baseball’s youth. Three days of instruction are held in fielding, hitting, and fundamentals of quality baseball.

The camp is directed by a staff of current and former professional coaches,scouts, and ball players from minor leagues such as: Greg Burn. James R. Matt Williams ( Tiger), and James “JG” Guerrero (Marlins/Rockies) to Major league players such as Tony Gwynn Jr (Dodgers). and Jesse Chavez(Giants).

JG Holiday Baseball Camp is great place to get a jump on your child’s baseball career. “Talent Is Never Enough” is the theme of our camp and one of the baseball perspectives taught that set our campers apart from their recreational opponents. Campers learn the mental game, increase baseball IQ, and learn the proper mechanics taught by professional ball clubs.

The Holiday Camp is 3 days of fun and applicable instruction that may lay the foundation for your campers Baseball Career. See you soon.

“Talent Is Never Enough” /


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