Riverside Rap Artist – “The Gritz” part.2

The Dj Gritz official site http://www.thegritz.blogspot.com/
The Gritz or Dj Gritz is Young business entrepreneur and Barber out of Riverside CA with a strong ambition and musical talent. The Gritz Growth as an artist is evident in each recording. His Conveyance of Clever substance is un – matched by surrounding area artist. The Gritz is a Strong Perspective of Progressive Balance and commitment to SELF. Self Produced, Self Employed, and Self Proclaimed, The Gritz is one the most Realistic recording artist in the Inland Area. His articulate vocals over hardest of new WestCoast beats are catchy, insightful and enjoyable for his listening audience.
The Gritz is set to release his Debut, and self produced Album “Self Employed” as early as Feb. 2012 on Tyrant Label Recordings. The Album is based on the convictions of The Gritz as a Young Black Self Employed Entrepreneur set on doing things for himself and by himself. The album offers a cleaver and unique perspective and conveys harsh yet insightful resolve for the youthful street community. The album serves as a soundtrack and blueprint of sort for the transition from street hustle to legitimate business and the balance between the two.    http://djGritz.bandcamp.com (“Self Employed” album preview)
The Gritz is also working on completion of a completely unique mixxtape Seriez entitled “Self Development.” The Self Development mixxtape fits into a exclusive genre of “Soul-Rap” with a very unique style of cover Raps and consist of The Gritz smoothe flow over some of the most timeless Soul music every recorded. Collectively the songs are strong messaged, deeply substanced, and soulful at its root. The tape is sure to make a strong presence for Gritz as an artist, and a personality. The theme perspective is the Development of ones SELF, which is also the theme for  The Dj Gritz “Self Employed” album. The Gritz is stamping Business and Self initiative as his niche. He is a Definite unmatched substance for new artist, with an uncommon ability for timeless Relevance. but just Listen for yourSELF….  you can preview The Gritz “Self Development” mixxtape at http://souncloud.com/theGritz/sets/self-development-mixxtape
Please Become Familiar with The Gritz on this site and his official artist blog http://thegritz.blogspot.com/ and “like” our Gritz company facebook page at http://facebook.com/theGritz . Also follow and subscribe on twitter @djGritz http://twitter.com/djGritz  and http://youtube.com/tyrantlabel

About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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