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the Applicationz of English

My lil english class is cool. My teacher said he read my lil blog I thought that was real cool. He’s a good professor as well. Ive been actually learning alot in this particular class. The class is based on the elements of an argument. I find that the lessons are very practical and completely applicable to my own personal growth. 

In the chapters we’ve gone through as a class we broken down arguments into rationales from perspectives of emotion, passion, and reason.  It sounds way abstract on the surface but at its depth, Ive learned how to increase the effectiveness in my speech, my writing, and  most of all MY THOUGHTS ! In the last 2 months I feel like my thoughts have grown stronger in their structure and deeper in their reasoning.  As application to my daily; I’ve learn the importance, and have become highly conscience, to keeping a consistent OVERALL thought. I even stick to developing as a partial,  smaller thoughts, only if they are consistent in their support of my OVERALL thought. That shit is a  highly relative principle in an argumentative writing — and I’ve learned that this English semester.

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English Reflection Journals

English 50

Prof. Anguiano

The Bedford Reader Journals

1st Half

Nancy mairs- Disability

Disability was in interesting read for me I was really interested. I was really intrigued the the writers style because It was such an opinionated- fact. I felt a tone that whatever she said was exactly what it was in this text.  I also like the ownership the authorship took in the story. She doesn’t shy aware from her illness and its effects but she more –so embraces it, and address the misconception of her illness that the media portrays.

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u be The Judge

Lol. I fuckin hate court.. I dont like be the fuckin defendant I damn sure never been the plaintiff and Iaint nevverr been nobodys fuckin judge!!!!   but since mufkkaz wanna make life a court house everyday, let me be a representation (lawyer) for my peeple real quik.

my first argument is that nobodies perfect. thats a fuckin cliche but the shit is real. If u consider your own imperfections, why is it so hard to consider the ones others may have. I hate when people dissect other people (usual when they not even there) and express they bum ass “Judgement” on somebody that aint concerned with them. (thats usually why mfz be mad too, because shit aint about they ass).

I just be speakin for myself tho. Im way too G to give a fuck about  breaking down the flaws of other people when I got my own that I dont even give a fuck about. lol.  Especially If I actually “CARE” for a person. I feel like love is knowing a mufuckaz shortcomings and learning to work around them.  I promise I overlook some much bullshit in people because it dont matter. If shit dont affect yo money what the fuck is all the emotion over? I just feel like its fair trade; ill overlook your bullshit if you overlook mine. but if you call me out on mine… I still dont give a fuck about yours lol. so. I guess I dont judge because I dont care. If I fuck with you…. then I fuck wit you. flaws and all.  I aint no better than you are we just different. I respect differences because I have so many!

so I aint nobodiez fuckin judge…. You be the judge.

a Grey Role Model for BLackz!!??

one of my nice friends read my lil english paper for me and She asked if I wanna be an activist for black people. she said I “might be” a good role model.  thats like the realest shit I heard all week because I really “might be.”   I wanna be a good direction for young black boyz and aid them into Black MEN.  However, I find it extremely hard to fight and deny the street boy in me. I feel like i could very much be a street king as I might be a great role model for black people. Thats a great deal of responsibility for a nigga like me to handle.  I wanna do good and be good but I believe in my bad guy as much as I do my good guy. I just feel like I refuse to let either one of them go in progress of the other. Im a Grey Boy for Life!! Whether that be gang or group.

SoIf Im to be a role model It would have to be a model of “Self Advocacy. ” Before I become a leader of black Men, black people, or of any group– I just wanna be a great leader of  myself. I wanna develop my whole self as a successful and balance person. I been through alot of fucked up shit and I refuse to act like that shit aint happen and it didnt effect me. I think this is also the theme for Blacks. We should never forget who we were, or who we  are, with a conciousness of who we are to become! We should be aware of our complete make up and strive to improve upon it in securing a better future!

In my case I pursue my intelligence because Im aware of my ignoramce. I defer to my peace because I am violent. I refer to myself as a “GREY” personality because of my extremes in polarity. Im of BLACK and whites as reference to good and bad.  so my saying of myself is this … I just alwayz try to find a balance between staying  true to my grey in Growth of my grey.   I feel that Black people can always adopt this and promote a balance between staying true to our Black in growth of our BLack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya digg.

thanks viv.  have fun at work friend.

Self advocacy –  is (in basic terms) about people with disabilities speaking up for themselves. It means that although a person with a disability may call upon the support of others, the individual is entitled to be in control of their own resources and how they are directed. It is about having the right to make life decisions without undue influence or control by others.

The Present of Black is Slacking and The Future of Black is Lacking!

My first english 1A  essay. its a lil sequel to my blog “the future of Black”  just a lil more in depth.

Mark Anthony Howard

Professor. Korson

English 1A

The Present of Black is Slacking and The Future of Black is Lacking!

Whips and chains are considered far history because the photographs are in ancient black and whites and not instagramed. The images of horrible oppression and abuse lose their effect as the world grows desensitized by its exposure. The beatings, rapes, inequalities and prejudices are no longer reality, they are history. The slave days, and slave trades are recorded in history. The abolishing of slavery by the Great man Abraham Lincoln is recorded in history. Civil Rights and affirmative action is recorded in history, but what is to be recorded of Blacks in present day? What is the agenda of Black people of present day?  What is to be recorded of Blacks in their near future? What instagram photo is to be considered iconic of the present times in the next half century of Black’s history?

In a world of nearly unbounded freedom Blacks are no longer slaves and free to direct themselves, but still lack unison and resent leadership. That is why there is no clear leadership of Black people as a whole. Black people are resemblance to the Israelites of Moses day as they wandered about, lost in the wilderness. The worst thing about this is that they are without any Moses! There is no common leadership of Blacks and there is no common direction of Black people. The state of Black people as a whole is not being considerably addressed by anyone aloud. I believe the state of Black people to be in a fragile and unhealthy state that should be addressed, acknowledged, and rehabilitated. Blacks need to educate themselves further of themselves and develop a course of action towards compensation for the voids in the social gap between their American counterparts. Issues such as, land ownership, education, entrepreneurship, investing, banking, judicial structure, should be high on the list of Black concerns for equality.

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Donald Goines

Donald Goines

Detroit, Michigan
Donald Goines (pseudonym: Al C. Clark) (December 15, 1936 – October 21, 1974) was an African American writer of urban fiction.
Donald Goines was born in Detroit to a relatively comfortable family – his parents owned a local dry cleaner, and he did not have problems with the law or drugs. Goines attended Catholic elementary school and was expected to go into his family’s laundry business. Instead Goines enlisted in the US Air Force, and to get in he had to lie his age. From 1952 to 1955 he served in the army. During this period he got hooked on heroin. When he returned to Detroit from Japan, he was a heroin addict.

The next 15 years from 1955 Goines spent pimping, robbing, stealing, bootlegging, and running numbers, or doing time. His seven prison sentences totaled 6,5 years. While in jail in the 1960s he first attempted to write Westerns without much success – he loved cowboy movies. A few years later, serving a different sentence at a different prison, he was introduced to the work of Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck). This time Goines wrote his semi-autobiographical novel Whoreson, which appeared in 1972. It was a story about the son of a prostitute who becomes a Detroit ghetto pimp. Also Beck’s first book, Pimp: The Story of My Life (1967), was autobiographical. Goines was released in 1970, after which he wrote 16 novels with Holloway House, Iceberg Slim’s publisher. Hoping to get rid of surroundings – he was back on smack – he moved with his family to the Los Angeles ghetto of Watts. Read the rest of this entry

The Future of Black should be present.

The Future of Black should be present.

As I sit down to write I think about my kid. I think about his future. I think about my future. I feel that Black people are resemblance to the Israelites of Moses day, “Lost in the Wilderness” I think that we are Free to direct ourselves but resent leadership. That is why there is no clear leadership of Black people as a whole. Black people are in an unhealthy state, refuse to acknowledge it, and refuse to seek rehabilitation. Black people do not provision for their future; we think only of our Present.

I believe there should be an establishment of a singular collective group that is considerate to the current of black, but in Leadership towards the future of black.  I believe that we should be educating our black youth to be self sustaining, primarily through growth and development of black BUSINESS communities and secondarily through black residential communities.  The concentration of Black agenda should be shifted towards the Future of Black and its Direction. It is sad to see how blind and misguided we are as people.  It is sad to see knowledge of self (as a people) superseded by such ignorance and short term selfishness.

The paradise hope of Moses is attainable for god’s people but We have to assume being Black people as a responsibility and not as an excuse. We are the most Struggled people of all time. I believe this should be a truth in our identity, but we tend to forget why and even that we are struggling. We are such a fun, and high spirited people that we learn to enjoy what is now. But in order to reach equality for our following generations we must take better accountability for ourselves and attach a further reaching purpose to our STRUGGLE!  – amen

the young “Anti”

I aint been writing shit in my lil blog…. I need some bud!!  I aint really told the truth about alot of shit. I feel like my blog is almost my confessions.  And truly I dont like talking to a gang of mfz on a daily basis. I be trying to be sociable and get my lil shop poppin, because I do want that. but I forgot how funny mfz be actin and how stuck up bitches be acting. smh. Alot of mufukkaz really been showin they ass on facebook too. smh. I think the Line between real life and Internet social life is really fucked up these days. I truly have my facebook and keep it in order to raise awareness of my business. In addition to that its cool to reconnect with different people. But I aint trying to reconnect wit bitches from highschool just to reconnect wit bitches from highschool. So I resent how fly bitches be acting on they lil page about nothing. I truly dont give a fuck about bitches oppinions on valid shit, let alone trivial, empty_head shit. smh. Read the rest of this entry