the young “Anti”

I aint been writing shit in my lil blog…. I need some bud!!  I aint really told the truth about alot of shit. I feel like my blog is almost my confessions.  And truly I dont like talking to a gang of mfz on a daily basis. I be trying to be sociable and get my lil shop poppin, because I do want that. but I forgot how funny mfz be actin and how stuck up bitches be acting. smh. Alot of mufukkaz really been showin they ass on facebook too. smh. I think the Line between real life and Internet social life is really fucked up these days. I truly have my facebook and keep it in order to raise awareness of my business. In addition to that its cool to reconnect with different people. But I aint trying to reconnect wit bitches from highschool just to reconnect wit bitches from highschool. So I resent how fly bitches be acting on they lil page about nothing. I truly dont give a fuck about bitches oppinions on valid shit, let alone trivial, empty_head shit. smh.

So I just be wanting to quit some dayz and because I aint a socializing ass nigga in the first place so I dont need any of it to fuel my interest. Some people need socialization and I understand that, so I dont judge that, but In reflection of myself I feel like Im the Fakest nigga on Facebook because I really dont give a fuck about what nobody doing on that mufucka!! truly! All I wanna do is grow my biz tho. so I feel that “social networking” (as fucking irritating and frustrating as the shit is) is necessary to the growth and awareness of my business direction.  Not only is it necessary…. It has been effective for me!!! Ive been doing a great job of advertising and promoting my businesses On Facebook. Ive contracted myself as a Dj for about 5 partys through fb at 160 each and one at 200 and have 2 scheduled weddings for 300. Ive also attracted all kinds of cool ass people I grew up with to come to the shop and get hair cutz

yoboy just kinda irritated and frustrated though. me the homie Jg was talkin one day about how people dont understand what it is to have to make and generate your own income….. even further than that, mufkaz dont even respect a nigga grind and hustle and shit. People dont really appreciate how much work I put in just to consistantly have work for myself.  I havent gotten a paycheck since 2005 aint a mufka on my fb that could feel that and understand how crucial that is.  But this what Im kind of hot at right now. Is how bitches dont have no type of etiquette or discernment with they mouth in regards to my grind. When mfkz is playing and entertaining they boring ass selves I take shit extremely serious cause this shit is my fuckin livelyhood, my goals, my work, and my ambition. Bitches on fb be having me fucked up with some other shit. I aint trying to get at you or spit at u all I want you to do is bring your brother,your popz,your Lover, or you son through the shop and get this good cut. come Buy a mf jacket in the store or something.  Im tryna Live.  I cant be your friend if you dont respect my business!! And even further than that I feel like I wasting fuckin time trying to grow friends that dont have any interest in business, growing a business, or even helping me grow mine!  so on top of that to speak up my name about some gossip shit or some funny fb shit that dont got nothing to do with EVERYTHING Im about. smfh. I be wanting to shoot something for real. shit be too much pressure for me sometimes.  So Im just trying to stay focus. Facebook can really be a fucking “Distraction.” So I really have to remember sometimes to stay inline and stick to the script. Do you and keep growing your business. I have to remind myself that Im really doing good for myself, even if it is under appreciated, unheralded and sometimes disRespected. Im just learning to have faith in my faith, ya digg. Pray to god and stick to my script. Always look for opportunities to grow and advance, and TAKE THEM when the time is right. Gritty Shit.

One more thing just to breathe free. this girl I thought we was kinda friends or something I dont know. I seen her at the Riverside Plaza and she walked right passed my shit so I was aye!   bitch act like she aint know me. then was like “o hi mark “.  I invited her to the shop because Im still excited about my shit. and aint nobody really even seen it bitch say maybe on the way back and keep walkin like I tried to register her to vote or something smh. Lowkey hurt my feelings and shit lol. for real tho. lol. thats all Im good now. all cried out and clip empty lol.


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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