The Present of Black is Slacking and The Future of Black is Lacking!

My first english 1A  essay. its a lil sequel to my blog “the future of Black”  just a lil more in depth.

Mark Anthony Howard

Professor. Korson

English 1A

The Present of Black is Slacking and The Future of Black is Lacking!

Whips and chains are considered far history because the photographs are in ancient black and whites and not instagramed. The images of horrible oppression and abuse lose their effect as the world grows desensitized by its exposure. The beatings, rapes, inequalities and prejudices are no longer reality, they are history. The slave days, and slave trades are recorded in history. The abolishing of slavery by the Great man Abraham Lincoln is recorded in history. Civil Rights and affirmative action is recorded in history, but what is to be recorded of Blacks in present day? What is the agenda of Black people of present day?  What is to be recorded of Blacks in their near future? What instagram photo is to be considered iconic of the present times in the next half century of Black’s history?

In a world of nearly unbounded freedom Blacks are no longer slaves and free to direct themselves, but still lack unison and resent leadership. That is why there is no clear leadership of Black people as a whole. Black people are resemblance to the Israelites of Moses day as they wandered about, lost in the wilderness. The worst thing about this is that they are without any Moses! There is no common leadership of Blacks and there is no common direction of Black people. The state of Black people as a whole is not being considerably addressed by anyone aloud. I believe the state of Black people to be in a fragile and unhealthy state that should be addressed, acknowledged, and rehabilitated. Blacks need to educate themselves further of themselves and develop a course of action towards compensation for the voids in the social gap between their American counterparts. Issues such as, land ownership, education, entrepreneurship, investing, banking, judicial structure, should be high on the list of Black concerns for equality.

Black history’s first generation shows the oppression. Black history’s second generation shows the fight of oppression and the fight for equality. Black history’s third generation shows nothing but disillusions and arrogant masquerades of wealth and stature with no real purpose in accordance with the pioneers of their previous generation.  Men such as, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Emmit Teal, Medger Evans, and George W. Lee gave their lives for enhancement of Black future.  Even some great non-Black American men such Abe Lincoln, John Kennedy, William Lewis Moore, and Rev. James Reeb, Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer, paid gave their lives in contribution to once passionate struggle of Blacks.

The passionate demonstration by Tommie Smith and John Carlos was instrumental in setting the audacious theme of Black revolution for equal rights. It seems that generation was full of examples of dedication to the progressive purpose of equality. At that time each individual took responsibility to contribute for the better of all community. It is sad to see the baton dropped in such a fashion by the succeeding generation. Black people of present convey no passionate objective of their time and are failing as a succeeding generation in a sense.  The lack of preparation for the future displays characteristics of ignorance, laziness, and negligence. The Black generation of today is enjoying the freedoms imposed by the previous generation to the point of spoil. How long can there be reap with no sow? Black people of present are only thinking only of their present and not making provisions for the progression of the succeeding black generation.

The concentration of Black agenda should be shifted towards the Future of Black and its Direction. There should be an establishment of a singular collective group that is considerate to the current of black, but in Leadership towards the future of black.  I believe that Blacks should be educating our black youth to be self-sustaining, primarily through growth and development of black business communities and secondarily through black residential communities.   It is sad to see how blind and misguided a generation has become by so much flash of materialism. Boast of character somehow seems to supersede the actual growth of character. It is sad to see knowledge of self (as a people) superseded by such ignorance and short term selfishness.

John C. Maxwell is a great motivational speaker, pastor, and author of a series of “Leadership” books. In the book 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell outlines that each leader has a responsibility to his follower. A leader’s leadership capabilities depend highly upon his acknowledgement and acceptance of responsibility to his followers. Good leadership acknowledges a responsibility, and displays distinct characteristics such as integrity, magnanimity, humility, dedication, transparency, creativity, assertiveness, and again responsibility. Aside from the obvious absence of leadership itself, these principles of leadership outlined by John C. Maxwell are the missing elements necessary for a sound growth and direction in Blacks future. These are the principles that the current generation should be practicing and cultivating as a core relay to the next generation.

The paradise hope of that Moses had for his people, is still highly attainable for relative Black people of today. However, Blacks have to assume their black as a responsibility of leadership for themselves, each other, and most importantly, the Black generation of next. Blacks are arguably the most struggled people of all time. This should be accepted as a truth in Black identity, but a progressive purpose of struggle should never be forgotten or diluted.  As such a fun, and high spirited people the ability to survive through negativity is amazing. However, the celebration of our survival should not out-weigh our opportunity to thrive. In order to reach equality for the following generations Black people must take better accountability for themselves and attach a further reaching purpose to their STRUGGLE!


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