a Grey Role Model for BLackz!!??

one of my nice friends read my lil english paper for me and She asked if I wanna be an activist for black people. she said I “might be” a good role model.  thats like the realest shit I heard all week because I really “might be.”   I wanna be a good direction for young black boyz and aid them into Black MEN.  However, I find it extremely hard to fight and deny the street boy in me. I feel like i could very much be a street king as I might be a great role model for black people. Thats a great deal of responsibility for a nigga like me to handle.  I wanna do good and be good but I believe in my bad guy as much as I do my good guy. I just feel like I refuse to let either one of them go in progress of the other. Im a Grey Boy for Life!! Whether that be gang or group.

SoIf Im to be a role model It would have to be a model of “Self Advocacy. ” Before I become a leader of black Men, black people, or of any group– I just wanna be a great leader of  myself. I wanna develop my whole self as a successful and balance person. I been through alot of fucked up shit and I refuse to act like that shit aint happen and it didnt effect me. I think this is also the theme for Blacks. We should never forget who we were, or who we  are, with a conciousness of who we are to become! We should be aware of our complete make up and strive to improve upon it in securing a better future!

In my case I pursue my intelligence because Im aware of my ignoramce. I defer to my peace because I am violent. I refer to myself as a “GREY” personality because of my extremes in polarity. Im of BLACK and whites as reference to good and bad.  so my saying of myself is this … I just alwayz try to find a balance between staying  true to my grey in Growth of my grey.   I feel that Black people can always adopt this and promote a balance between staying true to our Black in growth of our BLack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya digg.

thanks viv.  have fun at work friend.

Self advocacy –  is (in basic terms) about people with disabilities speaking up for themselves. It means that although a person with a disability may call upon the support of others, the individual is entitled to be in control of their own resources and how they are directed. It is about having the right to make life decisions without undue influence or control by others.


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