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English 50

Prof. Anguiano

The Bedford Reader Journals

1st Half

Nancy mairs- Disability

Disability was in interesting read for me I was really interested. I was really intrigued the the writers style because It was such an opinionated- fact. I felt a tone that whatever she said was exactly what it was in this text.  I also like the ownership the authorship took in the story. She doesn’t shy aware from her illness and its effects but she more –so embraces it, and address the misconception of her illness that the media portrays.

Fish cheeks

Fish cheeks was cool story to me. I really liked the moral of the story and the message that being who you truly are should supersede anything.  Everybody has an embarrassing family moment but I also think that it’s a learning experience for who you truly are and how you embrace yourself. I really love the moral of this essay and enjoyed reading it.

Champion of the world

The story the champion of the world tells  of the joe lewis fight and how much it meant to the black community in that time era. The story is very narrative in the description of the surroundings, the sights, the smell, the sounds, the verbiage, and even the feel. The story explains the wonderful high that blacks experience from the fight only to leave back into there lows as the entered the streets.

Mary Ellens story

Markel tells the story of a neglected young orphan who is frequently abused. I found this to be one of the saddest stories in all of our readings. The author tells how she was abandoned, then adopted by and abusive woman. The most astounding thing of the entire story is that at that time there was no child protective service but Mary Ellen was ironicly rescued by a new service to animal cruelty. Wow. That’s crazy.

Shooting dad

I think this was a good story because I also believe in a mans right to own his fire arm. So I thought the story was insightful into the household that guns raised. I also think the it was super cool that her dad let her form her own oppions on the subject and respect it, all while keeping stern in his own. Sarah vowel is a very opinionated woman I think be around such firearms her for an explosive personality.

Batting clean up and striking out

I found this story to be very similar to the contrast in the Suzzanne Britte story in its comparison to mess. This story is very accurate in the compare and contrast between the way women see dirt and the way men see dirt. I found it amusing that after he “cleans” the bathroom his wife makes him “clean” the bathroom.

The chase

The story the chase by Annie Dillard was a good narrative. I believe its theme was the innocence and carefree of every fun- loving youth. At one time or another we all have experienced that childhood freedom and innocents. The story depicts that freedom with a enthusiastic chase through the winter time snow.

Arm wrestling with my father

We discussed this story in English class and my teacher made the best point to me. This story is best described in the preferred word usage of competition as opposed to  conflict. The author is just a young boy measuring his strength against his father. To him, I believe, it symbolizes his growth as a man.  The relationship between him and his father is symbolize by the loving completion in the two’s arm wrestling matches.

Black Men and public spaces

Wow. Ive experienced this personally many, many times but ive never heard anybody write of it. I really enjoyed this reading and found it extremely truthful and relative to myself and what I believe is the a common perspective of black men we are so demonized by society that we are alienated and unfairly mistreated in response to the fear we represent in people.

The best pizza in the world

Elizabeth Gilbert tells a funny and humorous story of traveling to Italy and vividly details her encounters of the city and her dwellings in it. I liked this read because I think everyone should step outside there familiar zones and live life and not just react to mundane that they are particularly use too

Neat people vs. sloppy people

I enjoyed the contrast in this essay. Although the author Suzanne Britt intended for fun sarcasm I think that some of her reasoning for sloppy peoples mess makes some sense. For my own sloppy perspective I recognized the reason for some of my clutter is derived from some of the candid descriptions the Suzanne Britte describes.

Remembering my childhood on the continent of Africa

I really did not care for this read too much. I thought it was very dry and lengthy. Hugh is supposed to be made of as an interesting person, but I don’t feel such. The story of taking a field trip to a slaughterhouse sounds crazy, but it’s still not very interesting. I wouldn’t want to take a field trip like that in elementary school.

Grant and lee

Grant and Lee where two war generals in the civil war. Ive heard this story before and have become slightly familiar with it and enjoy it. The story by catton is a compare and contrast and I think that the two are highly similar in their leadership, bravery, and overall commitment to his men.  Lee surrender to grant. The two leaders had a great deal in common.

2nd Half

“The Meanings of a Word”;

I truly hated reading this story and was completely irritated by it. I was highly offended by the reading and the discussion in the class. I thought the account was completely false and destructive for black people. As a black person I have never called another black person the word nigger in my life.  I thought it was unfair for the writer to volunteer this as a statement for all black people. There is a great difference between the WORD “nigger” and the expression “nigga.” I was uncomfortable with the use of the word and most of all I was I was uncomfortable with how comfortable my classmates and my professor where with using the word nigger. As if it was a relevant word in a relevant text. I was completely disappointed in this writing and In myself for allowing this ridiculous story to be read and critical analyzed “scholastically” without voicing my certain objection to it.  My only concurrent feeling  with the reading was being called the word nigger for the first time.  It was also in a grade school. Imagine my feeling going to college and being called in nigger indirectly for a whole days reading. That’s all I think this text was good for in granted the privilege for the word nigger to used outside of thought for a day. I was highly disappointed in Mrs. Naylor. She aims to be the balance for an underrepresentation of black perspective in writing. I don’t feel that was accurate representation at all. I’m disappointed that this may be considered as an education text .  The Meanings of a Word was then intention. There is a great difference between the meaning of the word “Nigger” and the expression “nigga.” Outside of reference to racism, There is no relevancy in the world for the word nigger to be used. I also found it ironic that this would be considered an relevant educational text when Black men in people space was not.

“Being a Chink”

I also thought this was a ridiculous text because it was based on a ridiculous text. The word chink is not any parallel to the word Nigger. The word nigger is defined in the English dictionary as pejorative noun. There is no English definition for the slang assumption of chink. This why I was so objective to the floria Naylor writing because it creates a false sense of identification with other races that is not relevant in the first place. A black person calling another black person is silly and ignorant. A Chinese person calling another Chinese or asain person chink is silly and ridiculous. All the other “read between the lines” points intended are irrelevant.


I like the tone of this writing. I found it amusing that the writer seemed feed up with politicians. Feed up with politicians and their promises and manipulative appeals to the peoples “needs”. We don’t need new policies, we need food. I enjoyed this reading Thomas Sowell is an excellent example of conservative with a radical writing tone.

Too much pressure.

This was good reading for me. It really helped me in the arguemtation and persuasion area. I still have some trouble with it. But I really think I will use this writing as academic example of how to write a paper. The points colleen wenke made where convincing and intelligent. I understood the contrast  between inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning .  she argued that cheaters do prosper. Cheating is a very prevalent thing in college and it truly is because of the pressure to succeed and advance


Jay Nordlinger has a good perspective on this article the. It makes sense that companies are having to become more bilingual but it is kind of backwards. Instead of the workers learning English to adapt to the company. The Foreman have to learn Spanish to keep up the with the growth of working demographic. Pretty much every construction site is all latino and Spanish now. My dad works in construction and even he is learning a lot of construction Spanish on his jobs. A lot more profanes though. I think he likes those better

“Supporting Family Values”

Linda Chavez includes a lot of inductive reasoning within her writing with percentages of natives and immigrants per household, the average income and the amount of immigrants in the states today. I found some of the numbers surprising. I did not know that immigration was at such an astounding number. She argues that these are not just immigrants and numbers these are real people with daughters sons grandkids and familys. And truly care about their families who is to say that they are not home because they are not legal?


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