the Applicationz of English

My lil english class is cool. My teacher said he read my lil blog I thought that was real cool. He’s a good professor as well. Ive been actually learning alot in this particular class. The class is based on the elements of an argument. I find that the lessons are very practical and completely applicable to my own personal growth. 

In the chapters we’ve gone through as a class we broken down arguments into rationales from perspectives of emotion, passion, and reason.  It sounds way abstract on the surface but at its depth, Ive learned how to increase the effectiveness in my speech, my writing, and  most of all MY THOUGHTS ! In the last 2 months I feel like my thoughts have grown stronger in their structure and deeper in their reasoning.  As application to my daily; I’ve learn the importance, and have become highly conscience, to keeping a consistent OVERALL thought. I even stick to developing as a partial,  smaller thoughts, only if they are consistent in their support of my OVERALL thought. That shit is a  highly relative principle in an argumentative writing — and I’ve learned that this English semester.

Ive also learned through LISTENING to some of the class discussions, the degree of alternate that my perspective is.  Ive always felt this way but I truly have some completely original thoughts. I cant really pin point the derives of it, but it is definitely in roots to my ignorance. As I grew up I wasn’t subject to any intelligent discipline of any kind. so all of my inquiries of how, or what, were left completely to my own figure.( Like a WILD thought) Ive learned to encourage the growth in my own thought by asking myself very original and thought provoking questions.  I feel like I  just learn from scratch. so there is no plagiarism or conditioning in my thoughts. So im able to able consistently generate completely pure and original thoughts, ideas, questions, and perspective.  And the applicationz of these English principlez have only been a greater enhancement  to my life’s argument. ABetterSelf =ABetterWorld.

you have to educate yourself have to grow everyday. you have to think everyday, you have to think BETTER everyday, and you have to encourage the next person consider that same argument within himself. What makes You better? what are you doing to better yourself? how are you growing? Especially intelligently?


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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