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It doesn’t take a majority…

It doesn’t take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

-Sam adams


(Quik writez) “Life and Ignorance”


Life is a wonderful thing. Ive been down a long road of growth to get here. As Ive grown better into myself. I feel that I am rich. I feel that I have been enriched and I feel that every time I open my fuckin’ mouth  I am enRICHing! lol. I feel like I am truly some type of light as far as perspective. My perspective on Life is such a lovingly pleasant outlook. Im Free of Judgment, free of hatred, free of prejudices, free of time, and free of boundaries. I only speak of my own insight from my own experience. So for me I feel like Everything is good, or can become good, if you find and develop the good in it. And the things that aren’t any good…. “Just dont fuck wit it” [sic]


Because I come from so much Ignorance I am able to identify ignorance and ignore it. I think that is GREAT WISDOM! (because It is ignorant to entertain ignorance). Because I come from so much ignorance I am able to identify kernels of Wisdom in a fuckin grove of ignorance. I think this is also Great Wisdom. (because it is Ignorant to ignore WISDOM from any source!!)

thats all I got for tonight. Thanks for checking out my lil ignorant ass blogs lol. appreciate it.

Euphemisms and Government

Mark Anthony Howard

English 1A

Definition essay

Euphemisms and Government

An absolute definition can be an elusive ideal to capture, because it is subject to one’s own interpretation! A person can turn, flip, stretch, or construed the definition of anything, in order to justify an argument. The word definition means the action or the power of describing, explaining, or making definite and clear. Politicians and law officials have the power to define certain issues as an authority. The Authoritative power that some politicians have might be subject to some abuse based their interpretive definitions on the issues at hand. A politician can be an elusive master of construing definitions to support his or her own authoritative agendas. Through the passing of these agendas, the Government may sometimes hide the full truth behind euphemisms in order to manipulate the systematic society we live in. Read the rest of this entry

a perspective of Cheating

something I wrote for my lil english final last year.12/8/11

The personal perspective of Cheating

There are many different types of cheating: cheating in school, cheating in relationships, cheating in business, cheating in sports but all of these can mainly be grouped under the umbrella of the cheating personal perspective.4By individualizing the perspective of cheating we can penetrate the taboo around it and find its roots. Cheating is a prevalent issue today. To address this issue at its core one should reflect on his or her own personal and internal view of cheating and then honestly ask— why is cheating so common…. Read the rest of this entry

Truly I Love YOU!

“I like to be an advocate of ones true self… whomever you truly are… is truly who I’d love u to be!!!” #realshit  #real short #realLove


Lately I struggle for mental clarity. And I strongly believe that its because of all my mental clutter I care about EVERYTHING- literally. I feel because of my all this clutter I loose grasp on my real goals or the big picture so to speak.

I spend sooo much of my time attempting to tie up every lose end, and somethings  have no remedy and I have a hard time accepting that. By nature I am a person who needs to control everything in order to feel any sense of security and when I can not control EVERY aspect of EVERYTHING I just let go completely. Its like an all or nothing with me. In that sense Im stubborn and very spoiled.I believe very strongly in my way. I think that is why I created such a mess as a younger adult, because when I realized that in REAL  life it is unrealistic to control all things-

I simply said fuck it. I learned a very nonchalant manner of dealing with ALL fucked up repercussions of my careless ways. It was my way of still being in control I suppose. I have definitely realized that I need a balance.