(Quik writez) “Life and Ignorance”


Life is a wonderful thing. Ive been down a long road of growth to get here. As Ive grown better into myself. I feel that I am rich. I feel that I have been enriched and I feel that every time I open my fuckin’ mouth  I am enRICHing! lol. I feel like I am truly some type of light as far as perspective. My perspective on Life is such a lovingly pleasant outlook. Im Free of Judgment, free of hatred, free of prejudices, free of time, and free of boundaries. I only speak of my own insight from my own experience. So for me I feel like Everything is good, or can become good, if you find and develop the good in it. And the things that aren’t any good…. “Just dont fuck wit it” [sic]


Because I come from so much Ignorance I am able to identify ignorance and ignore it. I think that is GREAT WISDOM! (because It is ignorant to entertain ignorance). Because I come from so much ignorance I am able to identify kernels of Wisdom in a fuckin grove of ignorance. I think this is also Great Wisdom. (because it is Ignorant to ignore WISDOM from any source!!)

thats all I got for tonight. Thanks for checking out my lil ignorant ass blogs lol. appreciate it.


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