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Cold Cutz Barbershop

Cold cutz is  official Im going hard with my guyz. Im such a bully and Cold Cutz is a Bull in the Haircut Market. We a standard of fresh, culture, and classic originality. Im the Gritz Im the new guy in the middle. I’ll be here from m-thurs. 4029 Market.


2 tearz and 2 cheerz

im so sad that I may have lost my lil shop.  I love the Riverside Plaza so much. Im so upset and flustered that I may have to leave. I feel like a lil kid I want to say it isnt fair. smh. I’ve put everything Ive had into making this spot a success Im so sad to see it slipping away. Ive tried to sell it and save it and everything I could do. I feel like I failed and Im so Demoralized. Im sitting in the new location writing now Downtown and I believe it may have good potential but the faith the energy and motivation I felt is on “E.”  So 2 tearz for Cold Cutz Zero and Humidor and 2 cheerz for Cold Cutz Downtown and “Crowned Boutique.” Im still sad as fuck though smh. I may not ever get over what that store meant to me for me and the people I wanted to look after. I feel like I let everybody that believes in me down. I feel like I’m supposed to be the winner and I keep fuckin losing. I dont even mind taking small loses in attempts to advance but I take my business aspirations and ventures so personal and this store meant so so much to me personally. 

To me it personal represents who I am who I would like to be, the potential for growth represents my potential for growth when I have a business I identify with that business as I do myself. My business Is ME! This store was so me. humble, fly, fresh, and growing. The Riverside Plaza has been like my favorite place on earth this last year.  It hurts to know what Ive been through and all the changes Ive made and the things Ive sacrificed for this lil shop. It hurts my heart to see how slowly things are acquired and how quickly they are gone. Im down on Life off Loses in my Businesses. I dont know If I can take anything like this again. I just pray god Bless me in my transition Downtown. maybe its for a good reason. but I cant imagine how losing such a prime opportunity in such a prime location can be any blessing smh. (deep sigh) smh again.  I cant believe its gone. Rip Humidor and Cold Cutz Zero. u had my whole heart. 2 more tearz.

New Location Cold Cutz Downtown

But on the up Im really looking forward to going hard and establishing myself at the shop Downtown. Im looking to buy a bigger percentage of the clothing store and go hard for the rest of the year Cold Cutz Downtown Lets get it. fwm.  Your temporarily emotional ass barber Gritz

and Special S/O to everybody that support me in all my ambition and all my transitions in pursuit of it.

The Nurture of HomoSexuality?

The Nurture of HomoSexuality?

Can an argument be made that Homosexuality may be a nurtured practice? I believe so! There is a common knowledge all humans need nurturance to grow.  John B. Watson’s theory of behaviorism is the theory that human behavior is learned, rather than being instinctive. I believe there can be an association in the recent boom of homosexuality and the general acceptance of GLBT today. In today’s society homosexuality is a common and familiar alternative to heterosexuality and society’s nurture of it Humans learn behavior through observation and imitation of those around them, as well as through language. It is through this social interaction that people develop their distinct personalities and behavioral patterns. Research shows that kids who have parents that smoke are much more likely to smoke as well. These kids observed and imitated the act of smoking from their parents, and possibly with input from peers, etc. They came to understand that such behavior is okay, or is right for them. I believe it would be unreasonable for a person not to consider this may be relevant to the issue of homosexual tendencies. Read the rest of this entry