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“Sometimes you have to make the right decision, and sometimes you have to make the decision right. The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; you can’t go forward in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches. There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on” – Viv C


New Category… “Stolen Post”

I truly only write for myself and for my own clarification. But It be ignorant and unbalanced to only draw from my own opinion and not to yield and consider others.  So in consideration that I do have others that read my content I wanna widen up perspectively and give consideration to other peoples thoughtful and thought provoking post , tweetz, and sharez.

So be sure to check this new category out from time to time. “Stolen Post” The different authors I may steal from may have more credible perspective than my own anyway.

Letter to the Homie Marcus McCliman.

What do you pray For?

I ran across this image on facebook today and thought I’d use it as a quick prompt.   What do you Pray For? I was at the shop today and a pretty lady came in from church with her grandchildren. I ask what they learned at church and one of them read me a scripture from James. The Prayers of a Godly person is powerful. It makes things happen!  I thought that was dope. I said I believe that. So I asked ms. cece what she prayed about, she said “everything.” I asked her what she

prayed for, she said faith, wisdom, protection and direction” a great list if you ask me. So that was my question for today what do YOU(you as in YOU) pray for? I’m extremely obsessive of direction. Wisdom is a another major one for me but direction is my main request of God. I pray he guide my direction in life, in business, in school, and in praise to him. I would like to one day be considered as a expectional friend of God’s. Such as David, Job, Moses and Solomon.

It may be some cliche to say “Prayer Works” but I think it may still be an under rated element. The Power of God is unmeasured. So to call on his spirit may be one of the most powerful things one could do in there favor. My question is just with such a powerful utensil what do you pray for? I think the things we pray for tell God who we are.

Im curious as to what keywords and content move God towards a prayer’s pleas. So today I pray he hears your prayers and moves in your favor. Amen.

A Grey Perspective


As you know I heavily aspire to write professional.  A Grey Perspective is actually one of my first two book ideas. I thought it be a good idea to make it available as I write. Since feedback is an absolute necessity to writing, Id appreciate your thoughts on any of my writing you may read, but especially in case of this book idea. It may take some time but I think I may need to take that time for myself and slow my wild ass down.  I hope you enjoy my reading and find it of some insight as well. I don’t know much but I do know much of myself so I hope that you find some relative to yourself. Knowledge of Self is a priceless gem. My hope is to aid you in the polish of that gem. Thank you

A Grey Perspective

chap. 1 Intro to Grey

As a man, before I die, I would like to have effectively made some type contribution to mankind and the evolution of it.  What I would like to contribute to the world is my perspective! The way I think and the way I process things internally. My perspective is my blessing and my perspective is my cursing. My perspective is why I win and it is absolutely why I lose. My perspective is consistently the median between any two extremes such as Black and White. My perspective is a GREY Perspective. 

Life is a series of ups and downs. I think it is wisdom to expect such. A Grey Perspective enables me to surf lifes waves.  Sometimes you just have to ride. Especially for less fortunate or disenfranchised folks. For people from negative backgrounds they really have to develop a tough withstanding mindset in order to succeed because life is more of a struggle than just a journey.This is why I believe a Grey Perspective can be such a profound ideal.  A grey perspective enables one to develop the fortitude necessary to succeed in life and the resilience to withstand life’s woes and setbacks………(Work in Progress, check back soon)


i aint shit

I Aint shit. and I mean it. I say it alot, because I see it. I disappoint myself sometimes with how disappointing I am. I really dont have any realistic grasp on what is acceptable. I cant fuckin figure out what the fuck compliance is. I really feel like I was dealt a fucked up hand to start, then at my play I fuck it up completely. I pride myself on be a strength through adversity but I truly realize that Im my only fuckin adversity. The only thing I struggle with is Mark. Read the rest of this entry

the Word of the Day iz…”Perspicacity”

Perspicacity (also called perspicaciousness and perspicuity) is a penetrating discernment – a clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deep understanding and insight.

Acuteness of perception, discernment, or understanding.

My Guy Tony Stewart winz Daytona Coke 400…again

Stewart Scores Fourth Coke Zero 400 Win at Daytona

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Andrew McCutchen… iz My Guy

Andrew McCuthen

Posted on July 8, 2012 by

Andrew McCuthen  is on fire right now and still heating up. In my opinion he is one of the most exciting players in todays game. McCuthen is one of those “WholeGame” type of players that I love. He fields amazing with weekly webgems, Steals bases, hits for situation, and can absolutely hit for power.  This ALLSTAR season McCuthen has entered into the HomeRun derby as a last minute substitution fill for Miami Marlins Right field slugger Giancarlo Stanton who is out recovering after undergoing arthroscopic right knee surgery. Whether McCuthen does well of not Just to have the young exciting Bucc in the contest is exciting for Pittsburgh fans. McCuthen is batting an amazing .362 with 18 HR and 60 RBI’s anchoring the Pirates into first place into the NL Central for the first time in 20 years.

A day before he takes part in the home run derby as part of the All-Star festivities in Kansas City, Andrew McCutchen put on a show for the home fans.McCutchen hit two home runs in a 13 to 2 rout of the Giants off a struggling Tim Lincecum whos pitching a terrible 6.42 ERA with 10 loses in 13 starts this season.

McCuthen is Signed to the buccs thru 2017, 6 yrs/$51.5M (12-17) & 18 team option. Thats alot of time for the young allstar to grow and develop into a game superstar for the Pirates. In the meanwhile keep a eye on my guy Duece Duece and the streaking Buccs.

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Spiritual convey …#1

I really dont express my spirituality as thoroughly as I should, or at least try. My spiritual connect is everything to me. I dont believe in motion without blessing. I place so much into being in the favor of god and I truly to believe that I am unique and special in the eyes of my god. Sometimes I feel the overwhelming benefit of it. I am able to be a wider personality than most people, with an open and honest relationship with god. To me this is Freedom.

I never feel out of bounds, I never feel out of grace. Its a wonderful provision to be welcome within circumference  as your whole-imperfect-self.

I dont think god is  given enough respect as far as his understanding. People think that he only loves in there good. I think this is untrue. I think that if you are concious in your spirituality and honestly seeking spiritual discipline God loves in your worst. I think your worst is were god is able to mold and direct at his best.  A Humble spirit is such a powerful tool of god and I believe when your willing he will work through you.

So as for myself and my own spiritual perspective I like to relate or consider myself as simply a tool of God’s. I feel privileged when he chooses me and I let him manipulate and operate through me however he chooses as a Master Craftsman.  I have no objections for that is my only true purpose.  I just wanna build something with him.  All I have to do is stay ready, available, and sharp.

I truly pray I could build something for myself and put it in God’s name. amen.