A Bible book of Mark’z

A Gospel of Mark’z

All Scriptures Inspired of God


1  This is what Jehovah has said. To the young disciple of me If not for your transgression toward good, how could I come? When you yearn for the things that are Good, How could I not come? 2 I am the God who rejoices in the condition of my own children’s Hearts. How could I not come when you Heart’s condition is Good. You have looked for what is good, even in the presence of bad. These are the things the father sees and has rejoiced in. As you believe I shall appear. In your faith I shall appear. 4    For the witness is the one who has saw me. The witless is the ones who hide from me as If I did not come. 5  They shall call on me in vanity and I shall not answer when vanity becomes despair. O lord save me. But I shall not answer. I shall be hidden from there voice, as they have hid from mine.


2  But as for the good witness, He has seen me. He has looked for me long past his vision.  2  He has prepared himself for my stay and I have came. I have came to give him peace. I have came to bless him. 3   For his good heart has brought to me great rejoice in my own heart. That I have made something Good. 4   For me to answer to others “HE is GOOD” and for him to answer to others “YAHWeh is God” he has given me great rejoice. May the blessings of the heaven spill to earth in Jehovah’s rejoice.  This is what Jehovah has said to the young disciple.  5   Let he who is in transgression ease his heart, For God has listened to your hearts condition, He has heard your prayers. 6   And He has been Motivated to answer, for you are what is Good in the eyes of YaHweh. 7   The one who causes all to become has listen to your transgression so that you shall have none for any more days. 8   So rejoice young disiciple of The True God. 9   Your transgression for good has won you favor in the eyes of the Lord.10   Your transgression is genuine but your uncertainties are in vain, for  you are blessed for certain. 11   Continue your faith in the things you are for certain. Worry not of the things that are in the true God’s hand.


3 This is what the True God Yahweh has said. Through the ears of believers I have lived. I have lived in the conscious of the righteous. 2   I have spoken to those I have chosen. And the righteous have chosen to speak of me. 3The will of the young man is nothing without wisdom of God. The same is to be said for  The Wisdom of a young man without the will of God. There can be no balance of man without the two and The can be no man without me. 4   Foolish is the boy who travels into manhood without the shield of God. Even more foolish is the boy who travels without sword! 5   As I have spoken this to all, the foolish still do not hear it, and to them I no longer speak. 6   But I have grown Favor in a Young Boy of nothing whose heart is good. 7   He has shown discipline in the will of god and grown sharpened by the wisdom of God. As A young soldier of mine he has groomed himself. 8   He has trusted in the shield and grown patience with his sword.  9   He is fearless of any man and only fears the true GOD Yahweh. 10   He has prayed for my direction when others prayed for protection. Save us they say. Give to me they say. Use me he has said.  Give me he has said. 11   He has thanked me for his provision when I have given him little. He has praised me for the things others despise. He has remained faithful when it was disadvantageous to do so. 12    He has carved my name is his skin and locked Yahweh in his heart to where I cannot be taken from him. He is the one I shall bestow with my kingdom.13   He is the one that shall lead my people out of the oppression that he has known, such as Moses. 14  He is that one that shall lead my people to civil prosperity and emancipation, such as David.



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