Fontana Class ReUnion 2002

The Fontana Class ReUnion was an absolute hit. Heather Barenchi did an absolute job of planning, coordinating and hosting such a exciting event.  Ms. Barenchi not only hosted and coordinated also left a great in impression. I had never met Heather in highschool. So in my first meeting of her tonight she was all of sweet, pleasant, fun, professional, and real rolled in to one gorgeous young lady. Just as a spirited classmate I was really proud of her commitment and execution of such an event like this. I have talk to many other alum of Fontana High and there graduation class had no Reunion. So In meeting Heath

er I really felt bad I did not participate and help as much I may have should or could. So as We spoke I promised my support anything in she may regard for our class and school. I would Just like to be the first to recognize her effort with a THANK YOU!!! and just as well a GREAT JOB!

Id also like to thank Tiffany Steward, Koby Blankson and Travis Davis for the invitation to the lil after function. haha. Alcohol is good for your body lol.
– Mark Anthony Howard

as an after mention I’d like to tell Taranika Echols tHANK you too. she was a great support of the Effort to make our lil reunion happen. But  in more of herald of Heather I’d like to acknowledge some of the obstacles she and we have faced as a graduate class. We as a Fontana High School Class were the first to be effected by the expansion of Fontana School district’s High School programing. Kaiser High School was introduced in 1999. A projected Fontana High School class of 2000 was reduced in third. This may have been portrayed as advantage in student/faculty ratio but In reality it tremendously hindered the potential of our Graduating class. our entire teaching faculty received a complete make over and our sports program was completely gutted and torn about at all Varsity levels. The Physical director was released followed by the Prep Var. Football Coach Dick Bruich, Followed by the Prep Var. Baseball Coach Hernandez, Followed by the Var. Basketball Coach John McNally. All these where changed and detrimentally effected MAINLY by the funding of our 2002 class. The funding of our 2002 class has been a very mysterious issue since 1999 but became obvious since 2002. our funding for senior events had been terribly cut from the wealthy class of 2001.  Heather Barenchi faced this same obstacle in preparation of our Class Reunion. The funding of our classes reunion was alleged to have been exhausted on some other provision of our class. Heather was the first and maybe only to raise her voice of litigation experience toward our class privileges and challenge the slighting legally. I truly appreciate and will always appreciate this fully. Thank you again Ms. Heather for representing our class so fitting our fighting spirit. All the luck to Her and the rest of the 2002 class family.

I think the class of 2002 is an execptional class of individuals with a tremendous amount of ambition, spirit and fight in our making. Congratulations and good-luck to the success of everybody of Fontana High “Shcool” 2002. lol. – Mark Anthony Howard


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