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It’s not just about working out but it’s a way you live your life. This page will give helpful hints, good eating habits, workout tips and other informational things to get your lifestyle fit.

Fit Life Is a women’s health program that encourages its members to push themselves passed their normal levels of comfort in order to achieve the results they wish to achieve for themselves physically and mentally.

FitLife is hosted by Tavi Thompson who leads encouraging workouts for free every Monday @ Chaffey College at 6 pm. Some of FitLife’s participants are transforming themselves from untoned, un-healthy, un- conditioned and un-disciplined to strong willed and determined individuals living healthy and fit lives.  Please email Tavi personally or visit the FitLife FB page and inquire of participating in this encouraging and proactive program.  Wellness takes support and encouragement, FitLife has your back!

“We only have one body why not give it the best. We are what we eat! Get your Wellness evaluation NOW, why wait, waiting doesnt change anything but putting forth an effort and doing does! – Tavi Thompson



“There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating; people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing.” – Earl G Graves Sr


Deejay Gritz presents “Soul Smoove” Vol. 1

Deejay Gritz Presents “Gritty Soul Smoove” Volume 1.

Please give a listen to Deejay Gritz new Soul Mix “Gritty Soul Smoove” on . The Mix is the  accumulation of 15 years of deejay Gritz maturation all rolled into a smoove and soothing soul mix featuring some of your Favorite soul artist that your radio and pandora stations never play. The mix is sure to be your new favorite with so many classic and underground soul hits mixed and transitioned like you’ve never heard!

The mix is available for listen and download now but officially goes on sale hardcopy Nov 11 @ the 2nd Underground Poetry/Lyricist Lounge Hosted by Barber Mikey Steez @ the Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside California.  CD’s Tickets will be available @ cold cutz barbershop in Riverside Ca on 4029 market st. now for $3. or at the door for the same price. “Soul Smoove” is the official mix of The Underground Poetry and Lyricist Lounge event. Please support young local area talent, artistry and entrepreneurship.  See you soon.

Principal suspected of having sex with student

CORONA: Principal suspected of having sex with student

Dr. Brian Garrett Joseph, 38, of Corona, the principal of Etiwanda High School in Rancho Cucamonga, was arrested Oct. 30, 2012 on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.The principal of Etiwanda High School in Rancho Cucamonga was arrested at his Corona home on Tuesday, Oct. 30, on suspicion of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor – one of his students.Dr. Brian Garrett Joseph, 38, was arrested at 12:05 a.m., according to a news release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He was booked at Central Detention Center with bail set at $25,000.The unidentified accuser is a Fontana resident whom allegedly began the relationship with the Dr. Joseph when she was a student at the school, according to authorities. She is now 18.

On the school’s website, Dr. Joseph lauds the positive learning environment on campus. “We believe in continuous improvement in each and every one of our students and their ability to learn and achieve,” he said.

smh crazy shit.

Mr. Warren Perry

Everytime hallooween start to roll around  I think my folkz Je’marc and Dre popz Warren Perry. Warren Perry was a man that all men should aspire to be. Especially Black men. I think Mr. Perry is what is missing in Black community and I think i’m truly missing Mr. Perry in my community still.

Its crazy how influential such a strong person was on my life with so little actual interaction. I feel him and really miss him for myself but I really  feel him for my brothers Je’marc and Dre. I couldn’t even imagine losing a Dad. but they lost more than that they lost  a Father! 8 years ago around this time they lost Warren Perry, they lost stern guidance, stern direction, loving guidance, and loving direction.  That’s the shit I feel I yearned for as young boy and what was missing from my own life. So I respect so much a man that was exactly that for his two sons I and swear to my god It hurts me dearly that they lost that. Its different to never have such but to have known and lost I know is really tough.

Pops tied my tie on the way to Prom my junior year(whichh I wouldnt have went to if it wasnt for Jemarc) and I felt his whole no nonsense spirit. I loved him and I wanted to be his son.  Especially in hindsight and witnessing the quality people that both of his sons are. Even still as a Man I like to think I was raised by Warren Perry and i am of his same exceptional quality such as Jemarc and Dre.I know my brother’s miss they pops dearly so I just want to acknowledge their pain in a lost of a great man of legendary quality. Rest in paradise Mr. Perry. I thank your for concern and influence on the community you raised. and may your spirit live forever in the your sons and the young men you’ve raised.

We miss u popz. Love and Respect.

s/o to my brothers Jemarc and Dre who keep living. appreciate yall as examples and friends. major love and respect to yall both!

Stay tuned…. Channel Zero

1. i got  alot of things on my mind. Alot of things I want to write. If anybody has been a consistant read of me, I appreciate it. Im really into people right now. People make the world go round and shit. I really want to write about my peeplez. JeMarc and Dre always are heavy on my mind around this time. Halloween season always make me think about their pops and I feel them like a real step brother would.  so stay tuned cause I really wanna get into that I really want my niggas to know I how feel for the people I feel.

2. second I wanted congratulate the homie J. Beaudis on all the success in the launch of his clothing line “signature” I fuckin love it …..

3.and third most of all I think Im really struggling how to console and be there for my friend RIch Lira. .  Im fucked up over imagining what he feeling right now. I want to write an actual prayer for him. so If you reading stay tuned for that and say amen for me k. My peoples need prayer!! and I really want to write them.

4. i wanna cover my lil Dj Shit. Im tryna get back on tuff. check my shit out.