Mr. Warren Perry

Everytime hallooween start to roll around  I think my folkz Je’marc and Dre popz Warren Perry. Warren Perry was a man that all men should aspire to be. Especially Black men. I think Mr. Perry is what is missing in Black community and I think i’m truly missing Mr. Perry in my community still.

Its crazy how influential such a strong person was on my life with so little actual interaction. I feel him and really miss him for myself but I really  feel him for my brothers Je’marc and Dre. I couldn’t even imagine losing a Dad. but they lost more than that they lost  a Father! 8 years ago around this time they lost Warren Perry, they lost stern guidance, stern direction, loving guidance, and loving direction.  That’s the shit I feel I yearned for as young boy and what was missing from my own life. So I respect so much a man that was exactly that for his two sons I and swear to my god It hurts me dearly that they lost that. Its different to never have such but to have known and lost I know is really tough.

Pops tied my tie on the way to Prom my junior year(whichh I wouldnt have went to if it wasnt for Jemarc) and I felt his whole no nonsense spirit. I loved him and I wanted to be his son.  Especially in hindsight and witnessing the quality people that both of his sons are. Even still as a Man I like to think I was raised by Warren Perry and i am of his same exceptional quality such as Jemarc and Dre.I know my brother’s miss they pops dearly so I just want to acknowledge their pain in a lost of a great man of legendary quality. Rest in paradise Mr. Perry. I thank your for concern and influence on the community you raised. and may your spirit live forever in the your sons and the young men you’ve raised.

We miss u popz. Love and Respect.

s/o to my brothers Jemarc and Dre who keep living. appreciate yall as examples and friends. major love and respect to yall both!


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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