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A Grey Perspective : “A Grey Life”

“A Grey Life”

No matter how far up, Theres always down

No matter hwo far down , theres always up

No matter how much u win , you’ ll always lose

No matter how far you in, theres always an out

No matter how far you out, theres always a way in!

No matter how Dark, there is Light

No matter how bright a day , theres is always a night

No matter how right, there is always a wrong

No matter how weak, there is always a strong

No matter who black there is always a white

No matter who you are Grey is Life


Letterz to God #2

Thank You

I Thank you Jehovah for lightening my soul

I Thank you for your comfort and your console

I’ve Always been an at risk child so I thank you for you for loving me anyway

I Thank you for letting me know your Name Yahweh

And you son’s name Yeshua

Some people worship you their whole lives and never get to know you as a personality

As you have permitted me

I thank you for opening my ears to enable the receipt of your whispers

I thank you for you chastening when I get to full of myself

I thank you for humbling me without breaking me

I appreciate the reserve you’ve shown me and allowed to cultivate within myself

I Thank you for your guidance and your direction 

Your provision and your protection

I’ve always want to be yours

I thank your son Yeshua for purchasing me form sin and my ties with Satan

I feel that warfare between spirits  

 I thank you for admitting me as a strong soldier in that warfare and I rejoice in being of your side and My Lords side

May Jah’s will be done on earth through the spirit of the Bodacious and the brave and the fearless

I thank you for all your grace

I thank you in the name of my Christ that you me find favor in my life and the examination of my hearts truth



Fuck 2012! shout-out to my friends who lost someone

man FUCK 2012!! Im Never gonna forget how sad the feelings I had during this year. Ive never experienced so many deaths, and funerals. It was so sad to see how many of my friends lost their Family this year. I dont know how to console such tragedys. And its sad how fast life move on after such devastings things occur.

I truly feel that it was so much BAD in the air in 2012. Everybody caught a there litttle share of it.  But some people really had it fucked up and rough this year. I wanna write something significant in aim toward a console for all my friends that lost their some of there fam and had such a rough year and will forever feel voids in the remembrance of this year.

Shout out to my bro Richard Lira (his wife and his kids) Lost both his parents in the same week back to back smh. Shout out to my bro Mike Roby ( His wife his boys) who lost his moms way too early and abrubt. Shout Out to  Mike Harrison (his brothers and his fam) who lost they Granny they loved so dear. smh. Shout to my barber folks Mike Echols and his Wife who lost their precious child they so anticipated as she deliver smh. A And Shout out to my beautiful friend Deonne Mcleon who lost her Best friend in her dad that hurt me so much to see. All my sorrow to my peoples for real I think about you guys every fucking day!

I cant imagine losing a parent and having to “move on” smh I feel so sad for yall and what you must be feeling and going through. Im so sorry and I wanna dedicate this fucked up ass year to you guys and fam. I think people forget about your hurt too fast. I promise I wont. As long you feel it I feel you and If I can be any console at anytime let me know and I got u. But on top of condolence you have my sorrow and my prayers I feel yall the deepest. Love and Respect . stay up 1oo

Dec 14th Connecticut shooting

Wow! As a parent of a kindergarder today’s news really hit me… as parents we drop our babies off at school expecting to see them in one piece later smh. I can’t wait to see my son! And my heart really is heavy and hurts for all the parents who weren’t as fortunate. Our kids are supposed to mourn our death and bury us not the other way around!

The shooting on Dec 19th was so sad and so crazy to me. I could never imagine anything so terrible happening to such innocent children. My heart is so torn for the families of those kids. My son is in kindergarten now and I could never imagine how devastated I would be to lose my son in such a fashion. Im so sorry to each parent who lost a child that morning and I feel so guilty for being able to hold my son closer and tighter in reflection to this tragedy. Those Kids did nothing to deserve such a violent death and those parents did absolutely nothing to deserve the pain and sorrow they must endure. Im so sorry and I will pray so much in your regards. 

The gate of the St. Rose of Lima parish cemetery on Wednesday during the burial service of Daniel Barden, 7, one of the 26 victims of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn.

The desire to write grows with writing – Desiderius Erasmus


I’m embarrassed and ashamed of all the shit I’m going through lately. But All I can do is eat it. Im a street baby who raised himself to be a Man of principles. Based on principles I win, based on principles I lose! Based on principles I live, Based on principles I’ll die! fuck it. Pray to God, have faith, expect satan, and brace yourself. My life is a hard figure so I figure I’ll just leave it in God’s hands. My Thanks to Christ and may he bless me through such a Grey Life. – Gritty