Letterz to God #2

Thank You

I Thank you Jehovah for lightening my soul

I Thank you for your comfort and your console

I’ve Always been an at risk child so I thank you for you for loving me anyway

I Thank you for letting me know your Name Yahweh

And you son’s name Yeshua

Some people worship you their whole lives and never get to know you as a personality

As you have permitted me

I thank you for opening my ears to enable the receipt of your whispers

I thank you for you chastening when I get to full of myself

I thank you for humbling me without breaking me

I appreciate the reserve you’ve shown me and allowed to cultivate within myself

I Thank you for your guidance and your direction 

Your provision and your protection

I’ve always want to be yours

I thank your son Yeshua for purchasing me form sin and my ties with Satan

I feel that warfare between spirits  

 I thank you for admitting me as a strong soldier in that warfare and I rejoice in being of your side and My Lords side

May Jah’s will be done on earth through the spirit of the Bodacious and the brave and the fearless

I thank you for all your grace

I thank you in the name of my Christ that you me find favor in my life and the examination of my hearts truth




About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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