I Need What I Want.

All I want to do is read, write, hit baseballs, cut, and get head.

I don’t like money. I don’t like hoes. I don’t like clubbin and going out. I just wanna chill out play music and raise my son.

I just want a foundation of ” MINE”. Everything I do and everything I fuck with I want it to be mine. I don’t wanna fuck with nobody else’s shit, sit in nobody else’s house/apartment, or drive nobody else car, cut in nobody else shop, or raise nobody else’s kids. I don’t want nobody else’s pussy. I don’t want nobody else’s NOTHING. If it ain’t mine I ain’t fuckin with it!


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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