The Gritz on… “The Meanings of a Word” by Gloria Naylor

This is my reflection Journal for my English Class based on the text “The Meanings of a Word” by Gloria Gaynor

I truly hated reading this story and was completely irritated by it. I was highly offended by the reading and the discussion of it in the class. I thought the account was completely false and destructive for black people. As a black person I have never called another black person the word nigger in my life.  I thought it was unfair for the writer to volunteer this as a statement for all black people. There is a great difference between the WORD “nigger” and the expression “nigga.” I was uncomfortable with the use of the word and most of all I was I was uncomfortable with how comfortable my classmates and my professor where with using the word nigger. As if it was a relevant word in a relevant text.

I was completely disappointed in this writing and In myself for allowing this ridiculous story to be read and critical analyzed “scholastically” without voicing my certain objection to it.  My only concurrent feeling  with the reading was being called the word nigger for the first time.  It was also in a grade school. I was confused, hurt, shocked and sad. Imagine my feelings going to college and being called a nigger indirectly for a whole 2 days reading. That’s all I think this text was good for in granting the privilege for the word nigger to used outside of thought for a day.

I was highly disappointed in Mrs. Naylor text. She aims to be the balance for an underrepresentation of black perspective in writing but I feel that she failed to correctly represent Black voice in this text. I don’t feel that was accurate representation at all. I’m also disappointed that this may be considered as an educational text .  If the actual meaning of a Word  was the intention, (as titled) then I believe I am obligated to clarify that there is a great difference between the meaning of the word “Nigger” and the expression “nigga.” Outside of reference to racism, There is no relevancy in the world for the word nigger to be used. I also found it ironic that this would be considered an relevant educational text when Black men in people space was not. Smh.

theres a link if youd like to read it yourself. leave a comment and tell me your feelings and thoughts when you finish


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  1. Are you sure you read the text correctly? Clearly “nigga” is a word used for comradery within the black community which differs from the other N word? She’s simply clarifying how the contexts are different and why it’s not the same as when the black community uses it with each other as when non-blacks try to use it? She never said the other N word is acceptable.

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