The Confines of my solitude (Revision)

The Confines of my solitude


 Stricken to my confines,


my Heart’ contents of mellow.


Cello’d  notes of Melancholy tones,


play off me melodically in a bellow.


Tunes of bliss to the SOLE— echo —  in the abyss of the soul.


The solitude is a chill, but one finds warmth in his cold.


Inside of his of his Own is the Home he lives


And Inside and Alone is a Throne he sit


The Corrosion of weakness is done in a strength.


And the makings of a soldier are done when Entrenched.


Its reparation that is done when identified in one’s own Truth…


Therefore I find no confine within confines of my solitude.


…(a submission for Muse RCC)


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