My Professor- Mrs. Jo Scott-Coe

Jo Scott-Coe

At this moment Jo Scott-Coe is the most interesting person I know. Professor Scott-Coe is my English Literary Publications Professor at Riverside Community College. Most Professors are just professors but Mrs. Scott-Coe is blessed with a genuine personality that gives her instruction an interesting integrity.  After the energetic personality Professor Scott is well qualified and educated in the field in which she instructs. Beyond her Education she is a very accomplished Professional writer who has been published in her own book (Teacher At Point Blank ) and two fist full of Magazines, E-magz, blogs, articles, and periodicals. Beyond those accomplishments she has a very strong and assertive oppinion which I found so interesting to read into. 

It seems as deep as you’d like to go into Jo Scott- Coe she has the depth to match your interest and an invitation to one deeper. So again just as a intrigued young reader, aspiring writing, and personal advocate my Professor Jo Scott – Coe and her layers make her the most interesting person I’ve meet recently.

Hi professor! keep up the Great work.

Click the links and Check her out for yourself or just go to her site.


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